Online Tools For Studying English

A solid command of the English language is an important tool for many reasons. From travel to business, speaking English fluently, and ideally like a Brit or American, can make a huge difference.

So if you’re wondering how to improve your English for professional purposes, these are some useful tools online.


The world’s best known language learning app makes studying languages fun. It also offers the option to study English from many base languages including Polish, Malaysian, Spanish and many more. It is a very useful supporting tool whatever your level of English and can really boost your confidence.


For anyone studying English, Grammarly is a perfect tool to adjust your language and get the best text possible out of your writing. Grammarly is especially useful when it comes to a specific style of English. For example, you can change the checking machine’s style from British English to American English.

Other features include things like changing the style of the checking machine according to the content. For example, if you are writing an academic paper, you can mark the field where it says academic writing. Once you do it, the Grammarly will check your paper according to the universal academic rules.


If you have studied in a university that has American accreditation, you probably know about the Quizlet. But for those who don’t, Quizlet is a platform where you can make quizzes and make the studying process more fun. 

The great thing about Quizlet is that it can be used for everyone. Kids tend to enjoy Quizlet as much as university students.


If you are involved in a study process, GoConqr is a must-have tool for you. GoConqr is a platform that helps students to make their study process more manageable. You can create quizzes, flashcards, mind maps, and merely anything that a student would wish to make the study process more comfortable in the platform. 

Besides the fact that you can create your aids for your study process, there is a massive database of 3 million crowd resources that you can use for your study process. You can take advantage of those resources and see what other students do to make their life easier. 


While many will argue that Evernote is an outdated tool for studying, some still love it and do not want to change it with more innovative alternatives. So, what does Evernote do? – It is a platform where you can take your notes and access them from different devices. Also, it can include more than one person to edit the records. 

Evernote’s features are comfortable, especially for group works and meetings, but would you change Google’s services for Evernote? I would give it a second thought.


Generally speaking, we cannot see Udemy as a study tool, although it is a great platform where you can find various courses of your interest. The courses in Udemy are paid, although they are very well-built and trusted in the industry. 

Udemy is especially suitable for ubiquitous learning, more things that are out of the academic level. You can use Udemy on your day-offs and weekends to widen your imagination and enrich your knowledge. 


If you need to improve any language, you need to speak with native speakers. It’s been proven that speaking your target language helps you reinforce what you’ve learned and gives you the opportunity to use real life expressions.

Tandem is an excellent platform, allowing you to make friends around the world and communicate via text, voice notes and even video calls. Best of all, it’s free!


Another great social language learning platform, iTalki is a versatile language learning platform. Schedule lessons with teachers or just make new language buddies from around the world.

It’s free to join, but if you want to find a personal teacher there are lot of affordable options. If you’re improving any language, iTalki is a very useful tool.

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