The Slutty Summer 2021: A Mans Guide

Ready for slutty summer 2021?

You might have seen or heard talk of the slutty summer of 2021, with a post-lockdown and post-vaccine scenario on the horizon. With many of us locked down for the past year, being single has not been easy….

Publications have been running with the slutty summer headline for a few months now. And as more of us are being vaccinated for Covid, it means more freedom to mingle.

So, as the sun starts hotting up, bars are open again and flesh is on display, what’s a guy gotta do to make the most of the slutty summer of 2021?

1. Freshen up your dating apps

OK, so you’ve been flirting with girls throughout covid right? Of course you have. But now that we’re moving into summer, it’s a good time to spring clean your dating app profiles.

Get rid of bad pictures, and make your profile nice and snappy, get a girl pal to proofread it ideally… It’s the 21st century after all, so you need your profile to be on point.

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2. Get some body focus

It’s been a hard year for maintaining a gym-bod. Well, gyms have been closed after all. Now, we’re not saying that you have to be a chiseled adonis to make the most of slutty summer 2021, not at all. After all, we’ve all been sitting on the sofa putting on weight.

But, just doing a bit of exercise to improve your general fitness and get back into shape is enough. Although recent research has found that dad bod is sexy, this doesn’t mean you can just let the beer belly hang out. Give yourself the best advantage and do some home workouts first.

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slutty summer post covid could be tricky

3. Check your style

It’s probably been a while since you’ve been out looking for action. Check your wardrobe and your clothes to make sure that stuff a. still fits and b. doesn’t look tired. You might even have found a whole new style of you since you’ve been locked down during the pandemic.

Even if you’re rocking a beard now, and maybe your hair is a bit longer than it was a year ago, make sure you bring your A game to your personal presentation.

4. More than just sex

Despite the headlines shouting ‘Slutty Summer’, that doesn’t mean you can just jump straight to sex talk. The same rules of dating still apply… Remember to bring your best chat, humour and style to your date and don’t just try and be like, “So, slutty summer… You wanna get it on?”

Did that work before? No, right? Yea so it still won’t work now.

Focus on being an engaging and fun date and the sex will follow. Same as always basically.

5. Safety first

Experts are predicting a bit of a boom for STIs in 2021, so make sure to be safe. Yes, this does mean you might also need to bring a face mask (so the bar will let you in), but condoms should also be in your back pocket. After all, if you’re both having a slutty summer, who knows what you might be giving each other?

Don’t forget that the slutty summer of 2021 doesn’t necessarily mean a free-for-all, but it does mean more chances to get lucky. Proper preparation can help, including the tips above…

Be the respectful, humorous and fun Global Playboy you always are. And have a great time out there 😉

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