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The 5 Best Places To Hire A Super Car

Have you always wanted to drive one of those souped up super cars? These are the cities and countries which are best for hiring sports cars.

We might not all be able to afford to buy a Lambo or Bugatti, but thankfully there are plenty of places we can hire one for a reasonable price. And lets be honest, thats probably the preferable option right? You don’t have to insure it or worry about scratching the paintwork, Cruise around for the weekend and return it to the hire company… Easy!

You might be just up for a weekend of cruising in a Ferrari, or maybe it’s a dream road trip, maybe you’re heading for a honeymoon special. For whatever reason, these are the best places to go and hire a luxury car.



Cruising the Cote d’Azur and glamorous cities such as Nice, Cannes and Monaco is made for super cars. In fact, you probably shouldn’t turn up in anything less than a Jaguar.

If you’re flying into any of the south coast cities you’ll be able to pick up a premium car relatively easily from any one of the many car hire companies in the region. It’s kinda the done thing that your global playboy arrives and hires a Porsche to cruise to his St Tropez hangout.

The motorways in France tend to be peage (pay as you go) with the speed limit officially 120kms/hr. The police sometimes turn a blind eye to speeding motorists on the highways, so long as you’re not being reckless.


The home of the super car, Italy is a country that appreciates a bit of horsepower. If you’re cruising the avenues of Milan or Rome, you’ll need some premium Italian thoroughbred to turn heads.

Places like Cinque Terre and Lake Como are awesome to cruise with the roof down and a high torque engine purring, but parking can be a bit of a bitch.

Italian highways are notorious for crazy driving – tailgating, cutting people up and undercutting are pretty much the order of the day. What this means is that you can usually put the pedal to the metal and enjoy the road and there will probably be someone more reckless than you coming up behind you.



The autobahns are famous for being speed limit free and a great place to check the performance of your super car. In fact, people from across Europe often head to Germany on the weekend just to cruise in their sports cars.

Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin are all super cool cities with a rep for the high roller vibe – great for pulling up in a high powered Merc or BMW.

You can easily hire high performance supercars in most of the big cities in Germany.


Mustang – BKD/Pixabay

The all American muscle car is an icon of the whole Route 66 culture in the USA. Think Mustang GT, Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro. Although the speed limit is slightly restrictive in most states, you can get some speed up on certain stretches and listen to the roar of the engine in these beasts.

But really, it’s not about the speed, it’s about the experience of cruising the great American freeway with the wind in your hair and the open road ahead. This is the land of the road trip after all…

When you get to your destination you can be cruising the waterfront or main drag in cool cities like Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


Dubai is the city of glitz and boy do they appreciate a sports car. Hiring a pimped up Ferrari or McLaren is a good way to get the approval of the local flash boys and the Police are kinda lax with speed limit enforcement, especially on the desert highway stretches.

Talking of which, zipping along between the Emirates is a great way to check out the speed and handling of one of these bad boys. Do beware of camels though – seriously…

Hiring a super car in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is very much par for the course, so if you’re heading to town for business or pleasure make sure to check out hire prices for your dream car.

How To Hire Your Dream Car

Most car hire companies such as Avis, Hertz and Budget offer premium car rental services. These differ by destination, but most of them will include top end BMW, Mercedes and Porsche models. Certain places will also offer Lamborghini and Ferrari style vehicles.

Search on a car hire engine for your desired dates and look for the ‘luxury’ car option. This will usually show you which models are available.

If they don’t have the model you’re after you can always contact them direct to see what else they can provide in terms of sports cars.

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