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How To Choose Pilates Instructor Certification

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The history of Pilates is rich which makes it no wonder that you want to become certified as a Pilates instructor. While on the subject of Pilates instructor certification there are several out there.

But there are several factors to consider when choosing the certification online you want to go after. 

Before selecting the best Pilates instructor certification for you consider these things. Read on now. 

Classical or Contemporary 

The first thing to do before selecting a Pilates instructor certification online you need to choose the style of Pilates you want to get certified in. There are two types of styles including classical and contemporary. 

Classical Pilates is as close to the original Pilates created by Joseph Pilates. When you teach these Pilates methods you’re going to stay as close to the traditional method of Pilates as possible.  

Whereas the contemporary style of Pilates blends the work of Joseph Pilates and other forms of exercise. For example, if you’re teaching Pilates to people that have limitations you can ensure your session is tailored to meet their physical needs. 

Requirements for the Program 

If you want a career in Pilates, you’ve got to ensure you meet the requirements of the program you wish to enter. Before you’re accepted into a program there are some things you have to do to be considered for it. 

This might include completing a certain number of sessions under a certified Pilates instructor. Another requirement that some certifications might require is that you complete an apprenticeship. 

Before you’re awarded your certification, you’ll likely be asked to complete a specific number of apprenticeship hours. These hours will include more than hands-on learning. 

You’ll also be given time to practice the techniques you’ve been shown as well as observe the way that a certified instructor conducts their class. 

The Reputation of the Certification 

When you’re considering your options for Pilates teacher training you need to consider the reputation of the training program. There are hundreds upon hundreds of programs out there, but they aren’t all the same nor do they offer you the same teachings that a reputable certification would provide. 

The first thing you need to check out is the name of the certification. If it’s not one that you’ve heard of chances of it being reputable decline. You also need to think about whether or not the program gets acknowledged by the PMA which is the Pilates Method Alliance. 

Lastly how long has the program been around? Most reputable companies will have been around for over five years and should be the ones that you move forward with.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pilates Instructor Certification 

Pilates instructor certification is something you need if you want to continue a career in Pilates. You need to think about the reputation of the certification as well as the requirements to enter the program. 

So if you’re thinking of becoming a pilates instructor, make sure you get the best pilates instructor certification you can!

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