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Sexercise: Men’s Tips To Last Longer In Bed

Get fit for sex with our mens sexercise tips

How many tips have you seen online to fuck like a pornstar or last longer in bed? Probably a million (roughly). But did you know that the best way to increase your sexual stamina and last longer is…. Sexercise.

WTF is sexercise? It’s the practice of fitness to increase your sexual stamina.

Actually, here’s the truth. Sexercise is actually just normal fitness, but with a focus on stamina, pelvic exercises and a bit of mindfulness too.

Does it work? Actually yes. If you focus on your fitness and stamina, you can potentially last twice as long in the sack as you normally would (or more).

So, you’re intrigued right? We all wanna give her the good stuff for longer and have her screaming our name for, well, more than three minutes… Check out our fitness tips for sex right here.

Improving your physical stamina

Ok step one is the obvious one. You need to be able to endure physical exercise for an extended period of time. After all, sex is physical exercise, right? So focusing on your stamina is the first step in successful sexercise.

How do you do this?

  • Jogging: Easily the best way to improve your physical stamina. Run as often as you can, for as long as you can. Don’t forget to warm up and warm down, because hamstring cramp isn’t sexy.
  • Swimming: If you’re anywhere near an open body of water, go get wet. Swimming is excellent physical exericse and can greatly improve your general stamina. Also girls like hunks in swimming trunks.
  • Regular exercise: If you want to up your sex game, make sure to stick to a regular fitness routine. It’s no good running once a week, or going to the gym twice a month. Get that shit down and go as often as you can – three times a week is good. More is better.

Focus on your core

Sex uses your core muscles, so make sure your core can stand up to the demands of your lusty ambitions. What does this mean?

Basically, you need to be able to hold your own weight, or move your body, for as long as possible. You don’t need to do anything too complex, just some of the exercises below.

When you first start doing core focused exercises it can be very challenging. But, stick with it as part of your sexercise plan, and you’ll soon find you can deliver the goods for much longer.

Some basic core exercises are:

  • Plank: There are lots of variations on the plank, but just doing the simple plank regularly will make a massive difference to your core strength. You can obviously switch it up as you get more confident.
  • Crunches/push-ups: Probably one of the best core focused exercises, with the added benefit of toning up your stomach. See how many of these you can do….
  • Push-ups: Similar to the plank, push ups, or press ups, can really help to increase your upper body strength and are a key part of any sexercise regime.
  • Explosive jumps: Things like jumping jacks or burpees are great for your physical stamina. Once you get confident with your sexercise workout, you can start adding these to your regime.

Sex-muscle workouts

Being able to control when you come is probably the factor that many men want to achieve through sexercise. This pornstar like power means you can hold it until you’re good and ready, not when you’re body decides.

So, how can you achieve this?

  • Pelvic floor exericses: If you’ve never done this before it can be a but weird to start, but is very useful. When you next go to pee, try and stop halfway through and hold it for five to ten seconds. Try and identify that sensation of control, and flex those muscles as often as you can. This might be each time you go for a pee, or even just sitting at your desk or walking around. Flex those pelvic muscles and make it part of your workout.
  • Edging: The sensation of stopping just before you climax and letting it subside is called edging. And actually, its quite a thrilling way to control your ejaculation. The next time you’re either having sex or manually pleasuring yourself, stop as soon as you feel that impending sensation and relax until it subsides. You’ll find that you experience a mental climax anyway, but that you will be able to continue after. To maximise this, follow the next tips…
  • Meditation: Our biggest sex muscle? Nope. It’s not your dick… It’s your mind. Learning how to relax your mind during sex is one of the best ways to control yourself and last longer. Practice deep breathing regularly and understand how to relax your body, including your sex muscles. Then, when you practice edging, you can use breathing and meditation to control your climax and your sexual energy.
  • Yoga: One of the great things about yoga is that it covers a lot of the factors on this list, making it great for sexercise. Breathing, core and your physical state are all well managed by yoga, so if you’re never tried it before, why not give it a shot.
Time for sex? Sexercise can help you last longer

Focus on your foreplay

If you want to please a woman, it’s not how long you can fuck for, or how big your thang is… It’s how excited you get her. So, one of the most important part of sex, and sexercise, is foreplay.

Is this a workout? Well, yeah, it can be.

If you’re not confident with foreplay, try these easy warm-ups:

  • Massage: Rub her down all over (if she’s down for that), get her relaxed and understand where she likes being touched. Yes it’s time consuming, but this is the perfect way to really set the mood and get you both excited for more. One night stand/booty call? Try a head massage or foot massage to get her relaxed and famliar with your touch.
  • Give her oral: Some guys don’t like this, but if you really wanna excite a girl, this is how to do it. It’s not necessarily something you might do on a first date, unless you’re both really up for it. But as most women don’t climax from penetration alone, oral is a fucking great way to get her ready – and to get yourself excited too.
  • Shower together: Getting wet and soapy together is hot as fuck. Yes it counts as foreplay and as a bonus you’ll both be clean, so you can get icky without worrying about the other persons hygiene. Win win.

A word about alcohol, drugs & diet

If we’re looking at the holistic side of a sexercise plan, it’s also worth looking at your lifestyle choices. Generally, when getting fit, it’s always a good idea to cut back on alcohol, nicotine and any other intoxicants. And this is also true when it comes to sex.

A nice glass of wine or a spliff can set the mood, but try to avoid excess as this can totally backfire.

Food also has an influence on your longevity in bed. Avoid fatty and indulgent food, and aim for light and easy to digest meals if you’re hoping/expecting to get lucky.

Read more about the foods for penis health here.

If you think you have a more deep-rooted sexual problem, such as anxiety, a disease or other issues, make sure to visit a doctor for advice.

And one more thing…

If you’re aiming to be better in bed and you’re planning a sexercise regime, be aware that it takes time. You’re not gonna go from Average Joe to Pornstar overnight…

Like sex itself, sexercise is something that is best approached with a focused and holistic approach.

Got any sex tips of your own? Share them in the comments below 😉

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