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6 Fitness Tips To Keep You Feeling Motivated

Our fitness tips will help you get back to your best

Keeping motivated when you are exercising can be difficult. Many people will begin exercising for a couple of months and then quit. They think that after a bit of exercise, you will start to see results. However, that is not the case when it comes to fitness. Do not be another one of those people that starts a gym membership and fails to continue it. 

There are a few ways to keep yourself motivated when it comes to working out. They are simple tasks as well. Here are just five easy fitness tips you can do to keep yourself motivated for when you next exercise.  

Set Yourself Goals

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is by setting yourself goals. For example, say you wanted to lose some weight. Set yourself small goals to help you achieve that big goal. The same goes for if you are looking to put weight on as well. Both can be very difficult to do and even if you do not see results straight away, keep at it. 

The short term goals are what keep you motivated for the long term goals. If you set yourself a difficult goal to achieve like put 5 KG of muscle mass in three months. You are not going to see that happen. Keep the goals realistic and achievable. 

Health experts recommend that you should at least aim for 150 minutes of exercise every week. You could also do 75 minutes of intense exercise instead. The more exercise that you incorporate into your weekly routine. 

The quicker you are going to see the results. One thing to remember is that you should overwork your body. Your muscles feeling tired constantly can be highly demotivating. Which, could put you to a grinding halt. This will knock you off track from achieving your goals. 

Slow and Steady

People often start their exercise regime off with a bang. But a crucial fitness tip for longevity is to start gently and build up to peak power.

This applies with everything from running to weight training. In fact, going from zero to maximum can even damage your body in both the short term and the long term.

Start with a gentle jog around the park, use lower weights than you might expect for your first gym session and don’t expect to be going 110% for at least a few weeks.

Make Your Exercise Fun

Not everybody enjoys running at the end of the day. Other people do not enjoy weight training. There are many different ways that you can exercise so feel free to explore them to find out what is best for you. 

Short distance running, Long-distance running, HIIT workout, weight training and Yoga are just a select few. You could even try swimming if that is something that you enjoy. There are many exercises out there that use different parts of the body but are great for keeping us fit.

They do not have to be individual sports. Why not consider joining a team of some sort. What sports do you enjoy watching? If you have one. Again, there are plenty of sports out there that you should consider trying. Team sports might be the type of motivation you need at the end of the day. A bit like having a gym partner can push you to your limits as well. There are many people out there that get no enjoyment from exercising on their own. If you do not know a lot about exercises then you can follow male fitness influencers online to give you workout tips. 

Implement It Into Your Daily Routine 

When you are working five days a week and spending a couple of hours each day travelling, it can be difficult to find time to exercise. Many of us find it hard to find any time during the day to exercise. At the end of the day, there are not many hours left of the day once you have finished work and done your travelling. 

One thing that you can do is get up an hour earlier. This might not be for everyone as they need at least 8 hours of sleep. However, if you can run off just 6 or 7 hours of sleep each day, then this is the best way for you. 

You are quite restricted with the exercises you can do in the morning. It is either a morning run or you can go to the gym. If you know how to do yoga exercises without an instructor then you could do that. Some places will have a swimming pool open in the morning so you could consider that as well. It just depends on what you prefer.

Write Everything Down Once You Have Exercised

You might question what the relevance is of writing everything down. To keep it simple, you can write down your schedule and what type of workout you are going to do. Once complimented, you can write down how you felt in the workout and whether there were any improvements.

Writing down your results is a good way to see if you have any improvements. Write down what your weight is at the end of the week, every week. That is if you are planning on losing or gaining weight. 

If you are trying to get a quicker time for your 5K run. Write down your times every time you go on a run. It is hard to keep a mental note of your results when your mind is everywhere else for your work. 

Finally, Rewards

Rewarding yourself for any big accomplishment is a must-do. If you get a promotion at work, then reward yourself. Same with if you have got good grades at college or university. This is the same when it comes to working out. A reward might be a bit different when it comes to results in a gym. 

There are few ways you can reward yourself. A city break or holiday could be one of them. A full spa day could be another reward to consider that gives you a massage as well. You could keep it simple and have a cheat day with your food. Either way, it is down to personal preference with what you want to reward yourself with. 


There are many ways to help you keep motivated when it comes to exercising. One thing that you do need to remember is that you will need a healthy diet. If you want to see results then a good diet will help you with that. There is a famous saying which is “75% diet and 25% exercise”. Maybe even consider adding probiotic supplements into your diet as this can help with endurance and performance. 

Got any fitness tips of your own? Drop them in the comments below…

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