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Top 10 Male Fitness Influencers To Follow For Legit Workout Tips

The best mens fitness influencers 2021

Where is your favorite working-out spot? It is no secret that most people around the globe now live the corona lifestyle. Whether you train from home or at the office, keeping fit has no limits.

Trainers and influencers are flocking social media to offer similar services. Hence, most fitness studios and gyms close up. However, it does not matter where to keep fit; being sweaty and healthy is the target.

So, stay on for more juicy fitness stuff. These are the best male fitness influencers (and trainers) to follow for legit workout tips. If you cannot find time for the gym, switch to online social media. Here is why!

Top YouTube/Instagram Male Fitness Influencers and Trainers

1. Scott Herman


With over 2.3M subscribers, Scott Herman is the man to view for gains and workouts. Apart from YouTube, he has a website, friendly mobile app to gain all the fitness you lack.

Therefore, here is where to find online tips for chest growth, leg, and arm muscle building. Besides full-body workouts, you can get a personalized diet plan for the same.

2. Kali Muscle

This reformed ex-offender has over 1.9M subscribers. View Kali Muscle’s YouTube bodybuilding channel and gain more than you can bargain for.

His moves will stir, motivate, and excite you at the same time. Do not miss cooking, fitness, gaming, and vlogs that he uploads every day.


3. Bradley Martyn


For weekly fresh videos, find Bradley Martyn’s channel on YouTube. His posts relate to shoulder workouts and other general stuff like grocery items.

Besides that, he shares impressive tips with over 2.3M subscribers. Also, he works out with popular online influencers. So, grab this chance to gain muscle and full-body strength.

4. Bret Contreras


With a click of a button, you gain four top moves for Glute Development. Each day, the 870K followers turn to Bret Contreras Instagram account for fitness knowledge.

Besides that, his Ph.D. in sports science is a plus for this activity. Therefore, if you are looking for a glute professional, here is your guy!

5. Simeon Panda


Simeon Panda is the world’s top-rated fitness influencer. Besides being a fitness entrepreneur, he is a bodybuilding guru.

Simeon’s blog has exciting and informative posts. Besides that, his 6.9M Instagram followers enjoy his eight-week training program.

Apart from that, he aids people to gain health and fitness through the Elimina8 Challenge. Sportswear brand, accessories, and workout initiatives are some of his launch products.

6. Joe Holder


Joe is a specialist-run coach and fitness nutritionist. This online trainer on Instagram has over 130,000 online followers. Besides being popular around the US, he is a celebrity peeper.

The former footballer is famous for training Victoria’s Secret models, among others. So, do you need some functional movements? Joe is your man to achieve the six-pack abs and gain performance.

7. James Haskell


James Haskell is a former sportsman with 510K followers and counting. His growth from a rugby player to a famous fitness influencer is no easy move. Hence, it is the birth of his unique James Haskell Health and Fitness Brand.

Besides having several healthy books, he motivates on eating perfect meals. He and his wife, a personal trainer, live a healthy lifestyle to challenge their fans.

8. Ben Bruno


Ben Bruno is a straightforward trainer that tolerates no excuses, except hard work. With more than 200,000 active followers, you can guess some of his clients include Jessica Biel and Kate Upton.

He is a runner and weight lifter. Besides that, he has several casual workout videos available for his clientele.

9. Bradley Simmonds


Are you a celebrity who is struggling to find a personal fitness trainer? With a massive following of over 400,000 people, Bradley it is!

This round-the-clock trainer spends his free time as a magazine columnist. Grab your copy today for some inspirational messages and workout concepts.

10. Jeff Seid


Jeff Seid is an excellent fitness influencer with a following of about 3.9M on Instagram. His interest is to promote healthy aesthetics through his physique.

This committed influencer stops at nothing but good health. Hence, the youngest IFBB pro champion crown. Therefore, do not let your body weight or fitness let you down. Turn to one of these amazing online trainers and influencers for help. 

Final Words

Overall, living a healthy and active lifestyle is now more incredible. It is even easier with the rise of fitness trainers and influencers. Social media is your next authentic one-stop shop. 

These top ten male fitness influencers (and trainers) to follow for legit workout tips should guide you today. But, it is up to you to get the best online workout tips from the above reviews.

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