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Staying in Shape & Keeping Healthy While Travelling

stay in shape while travelling

Travel can be a distraction, and you can easily lose those gains while travelling. But, you with some proper planning, you can stay in shape, and maintain a healthy lifestyle when on the road.

At home, it’s easy to get in a routine. But when you’re in a different city every few days, maybe out meeting new people or getting stuck into the culture, losing sight of your fitness can happen fast. Just a few parties, or maybe having too many business meetings (plus that booze and food), and before you know it, you’re on a slippery slope.

Maintaining your focus with your healthy lifestyle just takes a little bit of discipline. And, there are ways to adapt your travels to your fitness goals. You might even find that it can help you make better connections with the locals…

1. Use the hotel gym

Sure, not every hotel has a gym, but if yours does; use it. Most high end hotels have pretty decent gym equipment, so if you’re in town for a few days you should be able to get in and do a few sets. Even if you only manage a half hour, it’s better than nothing.

2. Plan a run in your new surroundings

Wherever you are, running is easy. And as a bonus, going for a run is an easy way to get to know your new locality. Look at sites like Map my Run which can show popular running routes in your area.

3. Find a yoga class

There is *always* a yoga class, no matter where you are., and other local networking sites will often have yoga meetups listed. Also, check out Facebook for the local events groups.

4. Make time

We get it. You’re busy sightseeing. Travel is exciting and interesting and you’d rather eat street food and drink beer than go and do bench presses. BUT… Getting back on your fitness after an indulgent break is a bitch. Be good to yourself and set aside at least half hour every few days. You can do this!

5. Do what the locals do

You might spot a group of old ladies dancing to pop music, or maybe a group of guys working out on the local street furniture. Why not get involved? You’ll probably make a bunch of new friends and get some kudos too….

6. Enjoy sporting activities

It might be a long hike, perhaps mountain biking, or maybe you can go hire a paddle board. Whatever it is, doing a sporting activity is a fantastic way to both enjoy the surroundings and stay fit and healthy while travelling.

staying fit while travelling
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

7. Don’t get *too* drunk

We love a drink here at GP. But… Hangovers are the work of the devil. They make you lazy and they’re generally real bad for you. Try and drink sensibly, sorry…

8. Get plenty of sleep

Being run down and tired is kinda par for the course when travelling. After a long journey, or perhaps with jetlag, you’re likely going to find yourself exhausted. Look after your body, get plenty of rest and stay recharged and you’ll find it easy to look after your fitness when travelling.

9. Stay hydrated

Another crucial point is drinking enough water. Not coffee, not beer… Water! Your body needs water to cleanse itself of toxins and to give you energy, so make sure you drink plenty of it. Especially when flying, or when in somewhere where you’re gonna get sweaty…

10. Watch your indulgences

Ahhh food… Surely one of the best reasons to travel is to enjoy the cuisine. The problem is, those delicacies can tend to be quite hearty or generally unhealthy. Seek out the healthier options, avoiding all that carb loading (if possible) and maybe even do some self catering if you can.

11. Don’t forget the sunblock

Everyone looks great with a tan. But make sure you keep the lobster look to a minimum and slap on the sun cream. You’ll avoid getting dehydrated and give yourself less of a chance of skin problems later in life.

12. Walk

If you’re visiting as a tourist, one of the best ways to experience any new town (and stay in shape) is to walk everywhere. Sure, the metro is convenient, but you won’t get to see all those neighbourhoods, hidden plazas and secret gems.

As a general rule, if you’re looking to stay in shape while travelling, watch your calorie intake and make sure to make time for exercise too. Sure, you don’t have to put in the same hours as you would back home… But keep up with your regime, at least a little, and you’ll thank yourself later!

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