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Cities Where ANYONE Can Live The GLOBAL PLAYBOY Lifestyle!

Looking to holiday like a high roller? Travel like a superstar? Vacation like a hedonist? Check our recommendations for the best destinations for a true playboy lifestyle.

Ah the life of a Global Playboy! Glamorous destinations, fine food, beautiful women… What more does a man of taste need? OK, not everyone has the cash to splash in places like Las Vegas, L.A or London. But there are plenty of alternatives where even a pauper can live like a King!

If you’re after a fun time living like Hugh Heffner meets James Bond, with accommodating locals and glamour in spades, check these awesome destinations out.

Bangkok, Thailand

Come on, you knew this was gonna be at the top surely. If you haven’t been to Bangkok, why not? This might be one of the most hedonistic cities on earth. You can party like a rock star and sleep in amazing hotels for a fraction of the cost of places like Tokyo or Hong Kong.

The Sky Bar in Silhom is surely the most glamourous spot in town with views across the city. No Playboy trip is complete without coming here.

For sleaze, party on Sukhumvit road – Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy are packed full of jaw dropping and half naked ladies, although they cost a few pennies. But if you really wanna be in with the locals head to RCA – a string of ultra cool nightclubs packed full of cool Thais. This is where those in the know go. Plus your 500 Baht entry fee gets you two free drinks.

If you’re a single guy, trust me and head to Bangkok. Thank me later…

5 Star Hotel Room: From US$60

Bottle of Vodka/Whisky in club: From US$50.

Bangkok Thailand

Panama City, Panama

Central America is hot right now and Panama is on the up. Not as dangerous as Mexico but as fun and glamorous as Rio. The vibe in Panama City isn’t far off that of Cancun with stacks of excellent nightclubs and places to chow down. The local ladies are also notoriously friendly, if you catch my drift.

Get your party head on at Tantalo Nightclub which is an excellent bar with a wicked view of the city. The area around here, Casco Viejo, is packed full of cool bars and restaurants and is where the sophisticated set hang out.

Inedito in Centro (downtown) is another cool rooftop bar for the painfully cool to hang out. Nightlife is pretty vibrant in this part of town too, so either of these spots make a good place to start the night.

5 Star Hotel: From US$60

Cocktail in premium bar: US$8

View of Panama City, Panama

Krakow, Poland

Eastern Europe is still the best place to go full Playboy and splash the cash without feeling too much of the burn. Honestly, you can pick anywhere from Prague or Budapest to Kiev or Vilnius and have an amazing time surrounded by beautiful people.

But Krakow in Poland is good looking and cultural too. There’s castles and art and… OK, the drinks cheap and the women are beautiful. It’s a university town so there’s normally epic party potential most nights of the week.

Old Town is where you get stuck in. There are stacks of strip clubs which will no doubt vie for your attention, but shrug them off and head to Taras for rooftop views of the city. For dancing, Frantic is the place to go for cool house and beautiful women.

5 Star Hotel: From US$100

Bottle of vodka/whisky in club: You shouldn’t need to, but a decent bottle of vodka is around US$30-40 in a club (expect more if its a very high end venue).

Castles in Krakow, Poland

Manila, Philippines

There’s a lot of party to be had in Manila, you definitely get your moneys worth. Most people head to Makati and P. Borgos street which is famous for its red light district. But if you’re looking for real interaction and getting to know the locals then there are plenty of options.

Kick off the night at the Sky Deck Bar for sophisticated drinks with a view. Head to Cove for some serious party action with big name DJ’s.

Filipinas are notoriously friendly and as English is widely spoken you’re unlikely to have any language issues. There are also fantastic beaches across the country, Boracay being the most famous.

5 Star Hotel: US$75 and up

Bottle of champagne in a club: Around US$100-150

Glitzy Manila waterfront – pic: TheDigitalWay

Lisbon, Portugal

One of western Europe’s cheapest destinations and a great party hotspot. By day you’ve got beautiful old buildings nestled among rolling hills, cool surf beaches a short drive away and lots of opportunity for business networking (if you’re mixing business and pleasure).

By night you can eat fabulous food, drink cheap drinks and get to know the beautiful locals who will certainly show you a thing or two on a night out.

PARK Bar is a great rooftop bar where many a Lisbon night starts. Expect reasonably priced cocktails and tapas, DJ’s and a cool crowd.

Much of the nightlife takes place in and around Barrio Alto with places like CINCO Bar and Music Box.

5 Star Hotel: From €100

Bottle of Champage in Club: €60 approx.

Lisboa at night – pic: 2109DSGN

If you’re looking to have a wild time on your travels all of the cities above are pretty much a dead cert. Pack your smart casuals, turn on your game and away you go.

Any Global Playboy would do well to check out these cities too:

  • Medellin, Colombia
  • Buenos Aries, Argentina
  • Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Tallin, Estonia
  • Tel Aviv, Israel

All of the above are cheap to stay and live, packed full of excellent nightlife and with good looking and accommodating locals.

Check out our stag-do and bachelor party cities list for more playboy lifestyle suggestions.

Are there other cities that should make it onto the list as must visits for the discerning Global Playboy? Have you done the high roller and playa lifestyle in any of these cities? Drop us a line in the comments below…

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