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The Wildest Stag-Do or Bachelor Party Destinations

Last night of freedom? Make it a wild one with our list of the world’s absolute best stag do or bachelor party destinations…

Cheap drinks, wild parties, sexy ladies, tons of fun? Oh yes! All of these great stag do destinations have all of the above in absolute spades. Our list covers destinations across the world, so if you’re looking for a stag do party, one of these epic places will easily fit the bill.

So if you’re planning the big night out and you need some stag do destination inspiration, let’s talk specifics.

First of all, what are the key ingredients for a successful stag do?

Looking stylish on a stag do is better than looking like an idiot

The stag do must haves

So he’s gonna be a honest guy and settle down for a life of commitment, love, honour, obey and yadda yadda. Fabulous. Now, he’ll probably want to make sure that his last night of freedom goes down as one of the best of his life. Apart from the big day, obviously 😉

The key ingredients for a successful stag or bachelor do are:

  • Good friends (check – right?)
  • Fun activities
  • Booze. Lots of booze…
  • A party to remember
  • Ideally lots of attractive ladies wearing minimal clothing

Assuming we’re agreed on those points, we think that these destinations definitely fit the bill of the best destinations for a memorable stag do. Oh, this is in no particular order, by the way. These places are all equally as epic as the other, for various reasons. Your budget and accessibility will determine which of these are a good fit for you…

1. Berlin

You know something – those Germans know how to throw a party. Every night of the week there is some epic event, and if electronic music is your thing you deffo need to consider this epic city. Berghain is the ‘Fabric’ of Berlin, which means it can be a bit pretentious. But don’t worry, there are a million other options for a Berlin stag do.

If in doubt, head to Warshauer Strasse, or Mitte. Follow your nose, or better still check out Time Out Berlin before you book the poor guy in for the night of his life.

Berlin is also a great place for some of the seedier side of nightlife, such as strip clubs and red light districts. And actually, sex clubs are a thing here (those crazy Germans huh), so get your BDSM gear and head to KitKat Club! You might get into trouble with the rest of the stags though…

Oh another Berlin bonus. Amazing beer! And if that isn’t a stag do essential, I don’t know what is.

Berlin makes a great stag do destination
Image by Alexandre Gonçalves da Rocha from Pixabay

2. Prague

Oh Prague… You’re so beautiful, cheap and full of stunning ladies, and maybe that is why stag parties dominate here. For better or for worse, a Prague stag do is pretty standard, but there is a reason for that. Beer is cheaper than water, there are tons of nightclubs and lots of options for the seedy side of things too.

When it comes to activities for a Prague stag do, you’re looking at river cruises and beer tastings, which isn’t a bad option to have.

3. Barcelona

Even if you’re not a fan, you’ve got to admit that FC Barcelona are a pretty epic team. A stag trip to Nou Camp could be a winner, or beers on the beach and then party. They do start late here, so there is no shame in a cheeky siesta to see the night to the end – although yes, we know, sleeping is cheating!

If you’re looking for an activity stag do in Barcelona, this might be an absolute winner. Boat cruises, paddle boarding, beer tastings, football, segway tours and pretty much anything else you can think of can be found in sunny Barca.

Nightlife is also super epic, with clubs including Pacha, Eclipse and Razzmatazz being the best known (and best) nightclubs in Barcelona. There are also a lot of gentlemens clubs, specifically around La Ramblas, such as Dollhouse.

Watch a Barcelona FC match for your stag do
Image by Damon Nofar from Pixabay

4. Las Vegas

This city was made for stag do’s, or bachelor parties as they call them stateside. A Las Vegas stag do needs no introduction. Pool parties, gambling, epic music events, some of the world’s most affordable (and best) five star hotels and the opportunity to party like you’re a rock star.

There is a reason why Las Vegas is such a draw for bachelor parties, with fantastic nightlife and some of the best hotels on earth. It’s also the home of UFC, and there are regular fight nights in town which make a great Las Vegas stag do event.

If you’re heading to Las Vegas, or anywhere Stateside, check out Adrenaline* for the best stag activities. From skydiving to helicopter tours or super car driving, you’ll find some epic deals for an awesome bachelor party.

Image by PatternPictures from Pixabay

5. Krakow

Over the past few years, Krakow in Poland has come to be known as one of the best stag party destinations in Europe, if not the world. Why? Like Prague, drinking is very cheap. There is also an excellent nightlife scene and lots to do besides drinking.

If you’re looking for something a bit different to do on a stag do in Krakow, you can go to a shooting range, visit Auschwitz (a bit heavy, but very interesting) or visit beer brewery tours. Also, if you’re doing a winter stag do in Krakow, you can go skiing or snowboarding in Zakopane which is just under 2 hours from the city.

6. Ibiza

The White Island is obviously an incredible party destination, which also makes this an excellent option for a stag do. A stag do in Ibiza means boat parties, world class nightclubs, lots of opportunities for activities like cycling, paddle boarding or jet skiing and a guaranteed wild night.

Although Ibiza is a summer destination, there is plenty to do on the island in the winter too. If you’re looking for a serious party blow out on your stag do, head to Ibiza!

7. Phuket

If you’re hunting for the perfect Asian stag do location, this might be the option you’re looking for. Phuket can be whatever you want it to be. Boat cruises on luxury yachts? Motorbike trails across lush scenery? A round or two of golf? Party like it’s 1999? Watch some live Muay Thai kickboxing? All of these things are possible in beautiful Phuket.

Thailand in general is probably one of the world’s best stag do destinations, with Bangkok, Koh Phangan and Pattaya all making the grade. But for a bit of everything, we think Phuket is your best bet.

Parasailing in Phuket for a stag do
Image by WP Chun from Pixabay

8. Budapest

Back in Europe and Budapest has been building a name for itself as a must visit destination for travellers and digital nomads. And, as a stag do destination, it has plenty going for it. The local culture includes hot spas, castles and palaces, big breweries and lots of local art and culture.

By night, there is a fantastic choice of nightclubs and bars, lots of beautiful local ladies – and – to top it off, it’s a relatively cheap place for a stag do. A big night in Budapest will definitely make the grade…

9. Miami

Florida is hot and sunny, almost all year round, making it a great place to head for a stag of bachelor party. By day, hang out in cool South Beach, with its great beach and art deco buildings. Or, hire a luxury yacht and head to the Haulover Sand Bar to party with the locals. Other options include game fishing, scuba diving and a trip around the Florida Everglades.

By night, there is an exceptional choice of nightlife that will keep you busy until the early hours. Choose from some excellent lap dancing clubs, high end bars and nightclubs or local pubs and bars.

A boat cruise or fishing charter in Miami is a great bachelor party idea
Image by ASSY from Pixabay

10. Dubai

It might not seem like your typical stag do destination, thanks to the fairly strict drinking laws. But if you’re looking for an experience the groom will remember, Dubai might be one of the best stag do destinations.

Go skydiving or scuba diving; explore the desert on a safari; hire a super car and cruise the streets, spend a day on the beach and enjoy some exquisite food. Yes, you can also drink in Dubai, so if you’re looking for a big night out you’ll find it. The city is also a shopping hot spot, and you can even ski in the local mall! If you’re looking for a luxury stag do experience, Dubai definitely makes the grade.

11. Zagreb

There are a lot of choices for great stag do destinations in Eastern Europe, but we think Zagreb is one that is only just coming into people’s consciousness. The capital of Croatia, the city is seriously good fun. Think top grade nightclubs and bars, great food, friendly locals and Mediterranean weather.

There are lots of options for fun activities in and around the city. Think golf, adventure activities and paintballs. In the winter you can even go skiing or snowboarding! In short, whatever the weather, you’ll find tons to do on a bachelor party in Zagreb.

12. Bratislava

If Prague is done, check out Slovakia’s capital Bratislava. With a similar vibe, but les tourists, Bratislava is a great place for an action packed stag do. Plenty of cheap beer, a good choice of nightlife and lots of things to do for stag parties means this is a solid selection.

Our best stag do destination tips

If you’re in charge of planning the stag do or bachelor party, make sure to make a group chat for the guys to communicate. Remember, not everyone has the same budget, so if you’re planning a long haul stag do then check that you’re not singling anyone out.

We recommend planning at least two events on the main day, perhaps paint balling in the morning (a popular stag do activity) and a boat cruise or brewery tour in the afternoon.

If you’re looking for affordable accommodation, check out our handy widget below. It will search all the main booking sites, AND Airbnb to find you the best option for your budget.

Bachelor parties/stag dos tend to have a reputation for being unruly and sometimes disrespectful of their local surroundings. Remember, people live in these places and so don’t appreciate loud behaviour, vandalism and puking or peeing in the street. And, in some of the places above, that could get you arrested!

But… You can still have an amazing stag do by respecting the locals.

*This article contains affiliate links. So if you click and buy through our recommended partners, we get a small commission and you get a great deal! 😉

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