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The 3 Step Process To Approach An Unknown Girl on Street

Want to chat to that hottie you just saw in the street? Discover how to start a conversation with cute girls

Many men find it tough to start a conversation with an unknown girl on street. Some even end up noticing their own pacing heartbeat. But, is it really that challenging? 

Nope, actually it’s just the illusion. Sometimes, we men consider women as being from another planet, jeez! 

Just like us, these girls also want to get in touch, and talking to them would be the least abnormal thing on earth. In fact, many of these tips for approaching girls in public can also apply to online dating and first dates.

So if you have been struggling to start a convo, let’s have a look at these 3 steps. 

Preparing Yourself to Start A Conversation With A Girl You Don’t Know

Preparing yourself before going out will keep you confident throughout the process. Here’s how you can you prepare yourself mentally:

A guide to start a conversation with an unknown girl on street
  • Girls love funny guys, that’s true!  So before heading out, make sure you have some anecdotes (no pickup lines please) lined up to fire on an unknown girl as that would make you look charming.
  • Understand how you can use your surroundings to your benefit. Not from this town? You can easily break the ice asking for directions or recommendations. Or, if you do know the area well, ask her if she has heard of a place because you’re looking for it (even if you know where it is) – but make sure it’s the kind of place she should know.

And when it comes to approaching unknown girls in the street, appearance is the first thing that would decide whether you’re the one or not. Here’s how you can make a good first impression: 

how to dress well for a date
  • Whatever your style, make sure you’re at least wearing clean and presentable clothes. Stains and funny odours don’t go down well when it comes to approaching a girl in public.
  • Personal grooming is also key, although your style is your style. If you rock a beard, keep it nicely trimmed. Keep your hair neat too, or you could always wear a hat.
  • Be clean and smell good. A single spritz of good cologne makes a difference… BUT, don’t go overboard. You don’t wanna smell like you took a bath with Paco Rabanne.

Keep in mind: Girls don’t like guys who are sweaty and smell funny. So make sure you resist picking girls after your intensive gym workouts unless you’re a six-pack dude and the girl is in the same gym. 

Now that you know the right way to prepare yourself, you’re all set for the 2nd step so that you can confidently approach a girl you don’t know in the street, in the supermarket or wherever…

How to Approach A Cute Girl In The Street?

Take A Deep Breath & Just Do It!

One of the toughest jobs for most men out there is stopping a girl and getting her attention

how to stop and talk to an unknown girl on street

In fact this isn’t so hard. If you want to approach girls in public, be sure to relax, don’t try too hard but try and seem as approachable and genuine as possible yourself.

These tips can be very useful when it comes to stopping a girl and chatting to her, or maybe even getting her number.

Eye Contact & Smile – The Two Most Powerful Tools to Approach A Girl You Don’t Know

Eyes are your ultimate analyzing tools. When you watch a beautiful girl passing by, you can simply make eye contact and share a smile. Understand there is a fine line between a casual glance and staring and freaking her out.

Keep it short and give her the chance to share eye contact and smile. If she does the same, go ahead man, that’s the green signal. 

Glance Back & Wave – Will Make Her Sure of Your Interest

You got the green signal, what are you waiting for? Just glance back at her so that she can know you’re actually involved, and your smile is not just an accident.  She will definitely wave back if she’s interested. This is a perfect moment you go to her and get ready for the next step.

Don’t Be Afraid to Catch Up & Say Hi 

You saw a girl you can’t just let pass and you need to say something? There is nothing wrong with catching up with her and getting her attention by asking her a question. But, try to avoid following her around while you think of something to say. If you’re spotted you can come off as a creepy stalker, so make sure if you do chase your mysterious girl that you have the ammo to start something.

A pro tip: When you stop a girl, don’t just say hey or hi and wait for her reply – that’s a dumb move! Club your hey/hi with some form of comment or compliment. Try to observe the surroundings and build a conversation about it. It would be best if you start with complimenting her or anything she has. Phrase it out in this way, “that [book name] you’re reading is the kind of book I often read, have you been enjoying it? I mean, is it worth reading?” 

Could you approach a pretty girl in the street

Keep the Conversation Going and Close with A Great End

There are 3 ways to start a conversation with a girl on street.

Some would work well and some might creep her out. Make sure to balance because that’s what’s gonna bring success. 

  1. Excuse Yourself First &  Get Her Attention

There’s nothing wrong if you jump directly into the conversation. However, at times it might startle the girl and make her lose interest in you. In that case, excuse yourself first. For example, Hey! I just saw you walk by and wanted to say hi… Wait for her reply, if that’s positive, then just go with the flow. If not, back off. 

  1. Try Breaking the Silence with A Generic Comment

Alright, you’ve grabbed her attention by excusing yourself – what to do next? You gotta step up to either compliment her or make a leading comment. For example, “there’s something about the surroundings which make me wanna come here daily, what about you? Or a compliment like – “Sorry, at first I thought you were *pick a movie star or pop star*, but actually you’re much prettier”.

  1. Keep the Conversation Going If You’re Not in An Awkward Situation 

Try to converse with the girl for around 2 minutes. Don’t let the conversation run dry or boring, tell her an anecdote about why you had to stop her, tell her that you have a busy day but you had to take a moment to chat to a pretty girl, ask her if she can recommend a local coffee shop or restaurant (which could also lead to you offering to take her for a coffee).

And this is a big one… Ask her questions about herself. Some great flattering lines can be; I love your style, where do you find your inspiration? I smelled your perfume as you passed and had to ask what it is?

DO NOT mention anything about her physical appearance, especially not breasts, legs or any other obviously sexual comments.

Just try to talk naturally. If she’s interested, she’ll definitely help you out with the conversation rather than isolating you.

Don’t Lag & Make it Go Natural 

To pull these 3 steps the right way, ensure that you’re natural. You don’t need to go out of the box and pull out some unwanted and overhyped pick up line. 

Be natural man! A girl likes it when you’re simple and subtle. They also are human and expect humanly behavior, not the alien one 🙂 

So the next time you wanna start a conversation with an unknown girl on street – this 3 step process should be your go-to solution.

Happy fishing boys!

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