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The 10 Best European City Breaks for Solo Travellers

A city break on your own can sometimes be better than a city break for two. Do what you want, when you want, lie in bed, stay up late – the choice is yours. If you’re looking for the best city break in Europe for a solo traveller, all of these are great options.

The criteria for a good solo city break? It needs to have plenty to keep you occupied, including nightlife, art and culture and food. The locals being friendly gets bonus points and as this is a site for Playboys, opportunities to meet the fairer sex really make the difference.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a solid choice for any solo traveller because, well, its awesome. There is so much to do. If you’re in town for arts and culture then you’ll be spoiled by the whole Gaudi vibe. Add in cracking nightlife and bar culture, one of the world’s best sports teams, fab food and an amazing city beach.

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Pic: TravelKR
Park Guell: TravelKR

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ganja and girls aside, Amsterdam is pretty much everything a solo traveller could ask for. Its compact and pretty, there’s an assortment of beer and sex themed museums (and real art too if that’s your thing) not to mention the nightclubs and late night bars. Food is better than it used to be, but sorry Holland, you still have a little way to go.

Pic: 3005398

Krakow, Poland

This university town in the south of Poland has become a bit of a party capital and makes a good draw for solo travellers. Krakow isn’t too big so you can walk the whole old town area easily, with much of the nightlife close to the Old Town/Cloth Hall area. Beer is very cheap (we’re talking €1 or there abouts) as is vodka. The population is young and friendly and the nightlife is top notch. Highly recommended.

Krakow: Marc6480

Edinburgh, Scotland

Bonny Edinburgh makes a great place for a solo weekend. There are plenty of clubs and bars to keep you occupied until night, and sampling a whisky flight means you’re probably going to end up talking to a fellow whisky fan. There is also lots of comedy and theatre on all year round (not just in fringe season) and also opportunities for hiking and sightseeing. A solid option.

Pic: Go2Locals

Bordeaux, France

Forget Paris. If you’re looking for some Gallic charm but without the snooty waiters, Bordeaux is the French city you’re looking for. It’s not the cheapest place to hang out, but there are lots of clubs and pubs and a vibrant student population. If you like art and architecture you’re also in luck as there are plenty of museums and a pretty old town.

Pic: StuthNagyNiki

Lisbon, Portugal

Now easily one of the coolest cities in Europe, Lisbon has it all. It’s relatively cheap and has some awesome food and drink available, nightlife is excellent and you’re a stones throw from some great surfer beaches. As a solo traveller you’ll find plenty to keep you amused in Lisbon with art and architecture – or just the simple pleasure of hanging out in a cafe drinking coffee.

Pic: 2109DSGN

Zagreb, Croatia

Dubrovnik is done mate. Those in the know head to Zagreb. Why? It’s just cooler and there aren’t loads of cruise ships cluttering up the place. The student population makes the city feel young and buzzy, there’s loads of awesome nightlife and the food is not bad either. A sort of Italy meets East fusion. You’ll feel like you’re actually in a living city, not just a tourist stop off!

Pic: Slavenstrgar

Ghent, Belgium

Belgium actually has lots of really great cities to check out, so you could swap this out for Antwerp, Liege or Bruges easily. Why Ghent? The recurring theme on this list is the student population which creates an edgy vibe with good nightlife, which is what you’ll find here. Add in incredible beer, beautiful architecture and less tourists than Bruges.

Pic: dimitrisvetsikas1969

Berlin, Germany

This is probably the number one choice for solo travellers simply because its such damn fun. You already know the nightlife is legendary, there’s great street markets and food, street art everywhere and the Germans are very friendly. If you’re looking to make it a big weekend away then Berlin is a solid choice for the solo traveller.

Pic: KaiVogel

Belgrade, Serbia

If Serbia has never crossed your mind and you’re a single guy then just skip straight to this one. Honestly, don’t even look at the others. So why is Belgrade so good for the solo Playboy traveller? It’s got some of the most wild nightlife you’ll find, it’s stupidly cheap and the local ladies are good looking and friendly. If you’re more the sedate type, the old town and city is refreshingly un touched by mass tourism plus the beautiful countryside isn’t far away.

Pic: DexD

So which of these awesome solo travel friendly cities has caught your eye? If you’re ready to look up flight prices, just pop your ideal destination in the flight booking widget below.

Got better suggestions for solo traveller friendly cities in Europe? Comments always welcome…

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