Easiest Countries to Emigrate From the UK

escape the UK and emigrate to avoid brexit and the tory government

If you’re one of the millions of people who woke up on December 13th 2019 and has just had enough of British politics, never fear. Brexit, a Tory government, non stop rain and incessant Christmas songs might be getting you down, but you can still escape.

We already looked at the best countries to avoid Brexit and keep your EU status. But, with just a month or so to go, these are the countries that are easiest to emigrate to from the UK


British in outlook, great weather and an enviable lifestyle. Yes, its a long way from friends and family, and actually their politics is pretty shitty too. But, its an easy country to move to for Brits, especially if you’re under 30.

New Zealand

Another country with a very similar country to the UK and a fantastic lifestyle. Auckland is a dynamic city with loads to do, from a vibrant nightlife scene to outdoor pursuits in the doorstep. It’s also slightly easier to get a visa for Brits than Australia.


If you want to keep your European ties then this is probably the best option for Brits looking to escape the UK, Brexit and all the crap thats currently going down. On the plus side, its just a short hop back to almost all British cities, you can even go by ferry. But on the downside, the weather is as bad as, if not worse than Britain. Still… If you want to go this will likely be one of the easiest options in Europe after the UK leaves the EU.


This dynamic city state in Asia has an enviable lifestyle and a booming economy. English is widely spoken and emigration isn’t too hard, so long as you can find a job. However, with a booming jobs market, especially in the digital sector, you could easily make yourself at home if trying to emigrate from the UK.


This is increasingly becoming the number one choice for Brits looking to escape the UK. Again, the culture isn’t that alien, with an odd cross between the UK and America. But you’ll have access to huge expanses of wilderness, vibrant cities and a pretty nice lifestyle.

Whatever you decide to do, there are lots of options to escape the UK and emigrate to a whole new lifestyle. Check out (one way) flight prices on our widget below…

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