Top 4 Death Valley Attractions: Restaurants, Hotels, and More

Top 4 Death Valley Attractions Restaurants, Hotels, and More

Did you know that Death Valley is home to some of the hottest temperatures on the planet?

Considering this, you might be wondering why anyone in their right mind would visit a place like that. The truth is that Death Valley has a lot more going for it than record-breaking temperatures. In fact, it’s one of the coolest vacation spots you’ll ever visit.

Are you eager to know what’s in store for you if you go? Keep reading to learn all about the top 4 Death Valley attractions, including amazing restaurants, hotels, and more.

1. Badwater Saloon

While there are a ton of Death Valley restaurants that are sure to get your mouth watering, Badwater Saloon is one of the absolute best. You can come here for an excellent lunch or dinner, as well as a nice, cold drink. Since it has a bar, you can sit and relax with your friends and enjoy finger food too.

Once you work up an appetite, though, you’ll be delighted to hear that they have a wide range of comfort foods. From burgers and wings to sandwiches and fries, it may not be momma’s cooking, but it’ll certainly be close.

2. Stovepipe Wells

If you’re wondering what Death Valley hotel is worth your hard-earned money, look no further than Stovepipe Wells. You can kill two birds with one stone when you stay there because they also have a wonderful restaurant you can go to whenever the hunger pangs start kicking in.

Out of all the death valley lodging in the area, Stovepipe Wells is known for its comfy beds and excellent customer service.

3. Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

When it comes to things to do in Death Valley, you won’t want to miss the amazing Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. There’s nothing quite like them in all of America and they’re only a short trip east of Stovepipe Wells.

For people who are feeling adventurous, it’s possible to scale the dunes. Better yet, you can pull up a fold-out chair and just drink in the beautiful scenery.

4. Zabriskie Point

Do you need even more things to do? If the dunes aren’t cool enough for you, then you can feel like you’ve landed on an alien planet when you visit Zabriskie Point.

The ridged landscape is so oddly shaped and oddly colored that hiking there will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Are You Ready to Experience the Best Death Valley Attractions?

Now that you’ve learned all about the top 4 Death Valley attractions, you can plan an amazing trip. Since there’s so much to do, you should consider staying for as long as possible.

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