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3 Modern Home Interior Design Trends

modern home interior trends

Interior design changes every year and sometimes with each season. However, some things never go out of style like minimalism and home extensions. Every home could benefit from a wrap-around extension as it helps give you more space and minimalism is a relatively easy, yet stylish look to achieve.

Modern home trends can sometimes slip under the radar as there are so many thanks to things like social media, so it can be hard to know what’s actually in style. So, to help, we’ve put together 3 of the top trends for you so you can bring them into your home.  

Outside Indoors

The pandemic made everyone miss the outdoors, so a new trend that’s now emerged is bringing the outdoors in. This can be done in a variety of ways such as having an array of plants scattered about your home, bringing oxygen and a sense of nature to the rooms. If you don’t have particularly green thumbs, you can always go for fake plants.

Nowadays, you can’t tell the difference until you look closely, so you won’t end up with lots of dead plants and wasted money. Another way to incorporate nature into your home is through the colours you choose. Forest greens and ocean blues have become increasingly popular in interior design. Whether that be through painted walls or something small like scatter cushions, these colours will immerse you into a naturalistic style.

Rooms that work well for this kind of style are the bathroom and the bedroom. Bathrooms can be a tricky room to design, so opting for an organic feel can really create a unique look. Bedrooms also need to be calming and the colours of the outdoors can do just that. Try painting your walls a calming sea foam green and accessorising with shimmering blues. 


Modern designs often call back to older significant interiors. For instance, a lot of Roman architecture was influenced by Ancient Greek design, and the same things happen now with home trends too. Arches in the home can be likened to a Roman design and they can be super easy to implement.

If you aren’t able to convert a doorway into an arch, you could use interesting wallpapers that incorporate an arch design into them. Although arches may come from ancient architecture, they can actually add a very contemporary feel to your home. You could bring them onto your windows as well by using different curtains to create the illusion of an arch. If you want to bring an elegant vibe to your house, be sure to add some arches where you can as they really help to elevate your design. 

Travel Inspiration

Similar to how people missed nature during the pandemic, they also missed out on a lot of travelling. This is why we’re now seeing heavy travel motifs in people’s homes. One room could be inspired by a trip to Morocco and your garden could be influenced by the calming zen ones of Japan.

Bringing elements from all over the world into your house helps you to create a sense of escapism and keeps your home feeling exciting. You don’t have to be a worldly explorer to follow this trend either. You can now find lots of online stores that provide you with authentic designs from their origin countries. Something as simple as a framed picture of Paris can be bang on-trend, or you could go all out with the Parisienne theme and create your own little French getaway in your home. 

Modern trends can sometimes be anything but modern. And, sometimes they can be more to do with the outside world than we tend to realise. The simplest designs like an arch can also bring a whole new sense of style to the room. Although interior design trends change often, these three are probably here to stay and will keep your home looking modern for years to come. 

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