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5 Key Shaving Tips for Men

Though we have been shaving for years, surprisingly many of us are going about it the “wrong” way. Depending on the skin you are in, you might have been searching for this advice for a while without knowing it.

Using the wrong products and dull tools can lead to painful skin problems. Take these bits of advice and shaving tips for a smoother, more pleasant shaving experience.

1. Set Yourself Up For Success

Shaving is more than just taking a razor to your hair. Putting more thought into it will yield better results. You must think about the condition of your skin, the texture of your hair, and the products that you use (including the razor you are using.)

Prepping the area is very important. To prep the area means to wash your face with warm water to soften and clean the skin and hair. It is also recommended to use an exfoliating product to scrub the area, and oil to hydrate it.

2. Blade Check

Checking your blade before you shave will ensure that your most important tool is in good working condition. Shaving with a dull razor can cause cuts on your skin and inflammation from the razor tugging at the hair instead of cutting it. Shaving with a dull razor may also create an infection on your skin.

So, how do you tell if a razor is bad? A sure-fire way to tell that a razor is at the end of its life is when the shave begins to be uncomfortable instead of smooth, or if you see any rust spots at all time to toss it!

In addition to sharpness, your razor should also be kept super clean. Wash it and disinfect it with a splash of rubbing alcohol when you are done shaving.

3. The Motion of Your Stroke

Does it matter which direction you shave? Well, if you have sensitive skin the professionals say to avoid razor bumps that you should shave in a downward motion. However, if you do not have sensitive skin it is recommended to shave in whichever direction is most comfortable and may require both with and against the grain to get the best shave.

4. Using The Right Products

The right products? What does that even mean? A great shave requires more than just a razor and random soap, right?

  • Exfoliant/scrub (prep)
  • Beard oil (prep and post-shave)
  • Shaving foam/gel
  • Sharp razor
  • Straight razor for clean lines around the hair
  • Aftershave

With the right products and quality tools, you will step out of the bathroom looking like you just went to the barbershop. take your time when choosing your products, and while grooming.

5. You Deserve a Break

You and your face both deserve a break from shaving! taking a break for at least a week every year gives your skin time to recover. Use this time to get a professional or at-home facial.

Taking Shaving Tips

As you can see, a few small tweaks to your shaving routine can make a big difference. Get on board and apply these shaving tips that are proven to work. Don’t miss out on more hot tips for making life that much better, check up on the other blog posts we have lined up for you.

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