5 Major Benefits of Timeshare Ownership


Travel is a $1 billion industry in the United States. As the nation comes out of the Covid-19 pandemic, more people are on the go to their favorite vacation destinations. Why not consider a timeshare and make vacation ownership part of your future?

There are excellent reasons for vacation ownership, including staying at great resorts, getting great value, and exchanging vacation rentals. A timeshare gives your family a consistent vacation and luxury living!  

Here are five benefits of owning a timeshare. 

1. Vacation Ownership Means Great Resorts

Buying a timeshare means a consistent great getaway. Whether it’s Disney vacation ownership, Hilton vacation ownership, or Marriott vacation ownership, you know the type of vacation to expect. 

When you visit your timeshare year after year, you come to know the amenities of your vacation rental. Pools, spas, restaurants, golf courses, and theme parks all become your second home.

2. Value

Booking a vacation means you often must deal with blackout rates, rising weekend costs, and seasonal price spikes. When you own a vacation rental, you avoid many of those costs. You can lock in prices.  

Disney vacation ownership makes it easier to afford constant visits, regardless of the time of year. Perhaps your family likes to ski and wants to book a trip out west? Hilton vacation ownership and Marriott vacation ownership allow you to get a great winter vacation when planning in the summer. 

3. Deeded Ownership

When you own a timeshare, it’s yours. You get deeded ownership to your property, regardless of where you purchase. 

What does that mean? Owning your timeshare means you can pass it down to future generations. Thanks to your planning, your spouse, children, and grandchildren can vacation at great places.  

4. Cheaper Than a Vacation Home

With an average price of $22,000, timeshares attract people who want a consistent vacation home with far less work. 

Buying a timeshare can mean it’s cheaper than buying a vacation home. Owning a second home means constant maintenance and wondering about damage, should you rent it out. 

Also, consider timeshare resale listings when looking to buy a timeshare! 

5. Rent it Out

If you can’t use your timeshare, you can rent it out! Get additional value from your vacation rental. Many people don’t want a standard hotel room and rather the added space of the luxury living of a timeshare.

Renting your timeshare means you’ll recover maintenance fees and other costs. You won’t lose money!  

Five Advantages of Vacation Ownership 

Giving your family a great vacation each year creates memories that will last a lifetime. Vacation ownership has plenty of advantages, such as consistent vacations, great values, and deeded ownership that can last generations. It’s also cheaper than a vacation home, and if you can’t use it, you can rent it out!

Consider a second-hand vacation rental to enjoy your favorite vacation posts no matter the time of year!

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