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5 Men Watches That Look Expensive But Won’t Break the Bank

Looking expensive at an affordable cost is no biggie. If you have the right tricks under your sleeve, you can create a fashion statement with affordability.

Men often think that the cost of the watch is directly proportional to style. The costlier the watch, the more stylish they look. I hate to break it to you, but that’s not true! 

Oftentimes, men put so much money into watches that they don’t have some left for other accessories. So here 5 men watches that look expensive but are not much costly.

Best In Looks – Nixon Time Teller

It’s said simple things make more impact. As you can see here, the Nixon time teller is pretty much doing the same job. Although this metallic watch is just plain black, it looks so elegant and stylish. No wonder why people nowadays go for black more than any other color. 

The watch is suitable for all outfits. More importantly, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Christmas party or a Marriage, you can wear it on any occasion. 

Talking about its price, you can get it for $88, but it’s worth every penny you spent as you will be wearing this masterpiece time and again.

The Classic – Sturhling Original Men’s Pro Diver Watch

Classics are evergreen and always have the edge over trendy and modern watches if pulled off right. Such is the case with Sturhling original men’s pro diver watch. The watch’s body is metallic and comes in many colors. 

I personally like the Silver-Blue color as it goes with many outfits as you can wear this stunning watch with a blue suit, a formal grey/blue shirt, or even with a black outfit. 

Currently, this watch is available for $50! 

Now that’s the kind of watch I wanna have in my wardrobe.

Best Water Resistant – Invicta Men’s Pro-Watch

Invicta men’s pro-watch is highly water-resistant and durable. The watch has a bold and refined look, which goes great with formals as well as casuals. 

The Japanese clock technique, luminous hands, & analog display sets it apart from other mediocre watches. Its silver-black color makes it a watch that can go with almost every plain shirt, t-shirt, or even hoodie! 

I like to wear this watch with a black tee, leather jacket, and blue/black denim. However, you can experiment with other combinations as well. 

The watch will cost you around $83 but will give you a look of a $1000 watch for sure. 

Best Sporty Watch – Timex Men’s Expedition Scout 40 Watch

The Timex men’s expedition watch is for those who like a bit of sporty look. Wearing a cool jersey with shorts and this watch on, you will literally rock the world with it! 

Scout 40 Timex comes with numerous colors, and my favourite has always been the dark green one. The watch’s strap is not metallic but made of strong fabric, which gives it an absolutely unique look. 

The watch will cost you about $37. If you’re a sporty person, this is a great steal for you!

Best Adventurous Watch – Suunto Core Men’s Watch

If you want something funky and adventurous, the Suunto core men’s watch is the one you need.  You can use it for sports – to track your movement or show it off to your friends at a party. 

It can be a great catch for any occasion you want! This beast even has a storm tracker! So if you are a watch geek and want your watch to be technically advanced, wear Suunto and unleash its power. 

The watch costs about $110, but hey! It’s not a watch; it’s a smartwatch; that too with a little funk in it. So, definitely worth it!

The Bottom Line

Watches are accessories that a majority of men love. Unfortunately, most don’t buy because they want expensive ones, not the cheap ones.

If you’re one of such men, your problem ends here. All these watches are cheap yet super stylish and look expensive. With these watches, no one would know if you’re wearing a $100 watch or a $1000 one. 

In my opinion, Nixon and Sturhling are the 2 brands that interest me. The others are great, but the versatility and simplicity of these two watches are stunning. 

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