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No Money? 6 Tricks to Look Good Without Spending A Lot!

You don't have to spend money to look stylish. Discover our budget style hacks.

Are you on a tight budget and want to look spectacular at the same time? No probs, it’s what everyone wants. And guess what? It’s not that tough to look fresh even when you leverage what you already have. 

What matters is – how you approach the situation! 

You may not believe this, but many ways that would make you look good without investment. These are our best style hacks to help you look cool without breaking the bank, no matter what your style.

Buy Clothes in the Off-Season and Save Money

Have you guys ever noticed how thick leather jackets get cheaper right after winters? Yes, they get super cheap because of the off-season. 

Why should we buy lothes in the off-season?

It’s terrible timing if you buy leather jackets in winters as that’s the peak season of sale. They definitely would be expensive. 

Shopping on a budget is all about planning ahead. So, try to shop for summer clothes in winter and vice-versa.

Buy Clothing Without A Brand Logo On It

Having a logo on your clothes is not a good idea unless it’s some expensive brand. But, if you’re tight on budget, it’s best to go for clothes with no logo. 

Wearing clothes with no logo can be a clever style hack on a budget

When everything you wear has a logo on it, people can instantly price out your outfit. A logo-less T-shirt will make people wonder if it’s a $15 t-shirt or a $50. Play smart! 

A pro tip: Instead of a brand, worry more about the fabric’s quality. Make sure that the clothes you purchase won’t get terrible after a couple of washes. If it fits nice and suits you, people will just assume it to be an expensive piece of clothing.

Change the Way Your Old Clothes Look and Wear Them Differently

There is a time when we have good clothes, but we’re simply bored wearing those. So, how to fall in love with your old clothes? Well, just change the way they look. 

using your own old clothes in a different style is a great way to look good on a budget

Here are some ways you can do it:

  • Convert your normal party shirt from a regular collar to a mandarin collar shirt 
  • Turn your denim into cool shorts and flex on them at a beach 
  • Wear those clothes together that you’ve never worn before! For example, wear a shirt and a sweater on top 
  • Take your casual jeans, rip them from the knee, and make them sliced ones 
  • Just fold your t-shirt sleeves and get a different vibe 
  • Wear a casual shirt tucked in for once and see how it looks 

Borrow Clothing – Girls Do It All the Time, Why Can’t You?

Borrow clothes from your siblings and close friends. This might sound stupid, but it’s not!  Girls do it all the time, so why can’t you guys do it. Just go ahead and borrow clothes from your loved ones. This would help you kill the craving to spend money on a new outfit. 

Just don’t tell people it’s borrowed, and we’re sure you’re not gonna do that as well. The only side effect of applying this tactic is that your friends are gonna borrow your clothes too. So if that’s okay with you, you’re good to go with this one. 

Go for Custom-Made Clothes Instead of Buying Ready-Made Ones

Custom-made clothes are cheaper than ready-made ones. If you can get the same design custom made, why spend on ready-made clothes, right? So why don’t you find a good tailor who can pull off some sick designs? 

custom made clothes vs ready made clothes

You don’t need to invest much in fabric, take a simple and cheaper one as it won’t matter much. Just make sure it’s durable and washable multiple times. 

Other benefits of custom-made clothes are:

  • The tailor will take body measures and stitch clothes perfectly as per your measures
  • Get full customization on your clothing
  • The fit you get with custom-made clothing is far more superior than ready-made ones, and this really can make you look expensive

Getting your clothes custom made need not cost the earth, even if you live in a relatively expensive country. Check out out article about custom made suits here.

Go to Thrift or Vintage Shops Find Absolute Bargains

Buying used clothes is a great way to save money and in the right place you can find some awesome designer gear for clearance prices. Keep an eye out for vintage or thrift stores, or in the UK head to charity shops which are usually a great source of second hand fashion.

Most of the time, you can find quality clothes at a fraction of the price you would spend on brand new clothing. Often you can even find clothes that are practically unworn…

So this will definitely help you look good without spending a lot. What more? You can also earn by selling your used clothes. That’s amazing, right?

By the way, never forget to wash used clothes before wearing them. The reason is two fold – you can avoid any awkward skin problems and, you can add your own scent to them.

Pro tip: If you’re visiting a new city, especially one that is quite ‘rich’, make sure to visit the charity, vintage or thrift shops. In London for example, go to places like Camden, Shoreditch or Kensington and make a point of spending time exploring charity shops.

The Bottom Line

Looking expensive is not about brands, it’s about how well your clothes fit, what you wear, and how you wear. If you’re good at carrying each style, no one will judge you on your clothing. In fact, people would rather admire you for your looks. So focus on the overall appearance, that’s the key! 

Dressing well is an essential man skill. Master that and you’ll find your confidence increase…

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