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Best Places To Buy Your Tailored Suit

If you’re looking for a tailored suit, of course you could head to Savile Row or Milan…

But for the frugal Global Playboy, there are lots of much cheaper places to buy a perfectly tailored suit.

London is of course one of the world’s style capitals and yes you can get an awesome suit made on Savile Row or Jermyn Street. This is all fine and good, but you don’t always want to wear your £1000+ suit to every event. Jumping in and out of taxis all day in Singapore? Three weddings in a week? Got to fly from Rome to Abu Dhabi to San Francisco in four days?

Having a cheap but high quality tailored suit is practically an essential for the businessman, digital nomad or well dressed traveller.

So, where to go for the best quality budget tailored suit?


Hong Kong

Long known as the centre of world class tailoring for super low prices, Hong Kong still offers plenty of bargains.

Raja Tailors who are the most famous do now offer international fittings, so you can get that suit fitted in Paris and then delivered to your hotel in Sydney a week later. Prices start from around $300, but you can easily end up paying $1000 at some of the other Hong Kong tailors.

Be warned though. With the reputation for quality comes plenty of opportunity for shysters. If you’re around Mody Road you’ll no doubt see adverts or flyers for the best quality suits, but there is plenty of scope to be ripped off.

Apart from Raja, check out also:

  • EmpireTailors who are among the best in town.
  • GayGiano who offer European styling.
  • Cuffs who offer some great casual and contemporary options.
  • TheAmoury for the full gentlemen’s experience (by which we mean a whisky and a relaxed fitting).

Hoi An, Vietnam

Pic: DWilliams

Vietnam is one of the world’s workhouses, like China. You’ll find Made in Vietnam on plenty of items of clothing including trainers, jeans and suits. Hoi An is where to go if you want a custom made item of clothing, from jeans to dresses to suits, you’ll find it here.

As with HK, there is a lot of choice and a lot of touts trying to get you in the door with ‘best price, best quality’… And there are a lot of tailors.

However, not all of them make their suits in house, many of them are outsourced with the same workhouse making items for hundreds of different shops. Prices are around $300 and up for a made to measure suit.

Who makes theirs on site?

  • Vanda Tailors have their own factory and make quality items on site.
  • BeBe Tailors also receive some good feedback and have their own factory and several different outlets.
  • Tony The Tailor also has a great reputation as one of the best in Hoi An.
  • A Dong Silk are also well known as one of the city’s best bespoke suit options.

Bangkok, Thailand

A walk down Kao San Road in Bangkok’s tourist heartland means running the gauntlet of salesmen trying to get you into their bespoke suit workshops. But, dodge these guys and find a quality tailor and you’ll find a great suit in BKK.

For around $300 you can get an absolutely exquisite suit made to your spec in around 3 – 4 days.

The best guys in town are:

Mumbai, India

With it’s British heritage and it’s reputation as India’s style and culture capital, Mumbai unsurprisingly has some good options for bespoke suits.

The style isn’t quite the same as a European cut, but considering you’re getting a very stylish bespoke suit for around US$300 you’ll be pretty happy with the outcome from these guys:

  • Michele Boutique offer excellent contemporary suits in the heart of Colaba.
  • Kachins have several branches in the city and offer a high quality bespoke suit service.

Shanghai, China

Unsurprisingly, China also has some good places to pick up a tailor made suit for phenomenally cheap prices. If you want something off the rail, you’ll be able to pick up a suit for easily $100 or so. But if you want a custom fit, there is also plenty of choice and you’ll easily find a suit around (or even below) $300.

Tony the Tailor is probably the best known custom tailor in Shanghai, but there are other choices too.

Head to the famous South Bund fabric market and shop around. There are literally hundreds of tailors competing for your business, with consistently decent quality and some very low prices.

Istanbul, Turkey

At the crossroads between Asia and Europe, you’ll also find a great place to get a custom made suit in a sort of European style.

It’s not as cheap as Bangkok, or even Hong Kong, but still cheaper than New York or Milan. You’re looking at around €700 for a two piece bespoke suit.

Check out:


Apart from the cities listed above, you can also pick up a cheap suit in places like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jaipur, Bogota, Kuala Lumpur and Budapest.

A bespoke suit in most of these places will cost upwards of US$350. Hoi An is probably the cheapest option but Hong Kong will be the best place to get a quality tailored suit.

If you’ve found anywhere else to get a great tailored suit for an affordable price we’d love to know, so comments below are welcome!

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