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How to Dress Like A Rock Star (Without Looking Like You’re Trying)

Ah that rock and roll lifestyle. We might not all have it, but can we look like we do…? You’re damn right. So if you’re wondering how to dress like a rockstar without looking like a guy trying to dress like a rockstar, we’ve got some tips for you.

OK, first things first. You don’t need to take up a drug habit and drink a bottle of JD every night. Truth be told, rock stars these days are into yoga and clean living. Yeah I know…

But what I will say is you’ll need to be in ‘decent’ shape physically. By this I mean, spend some time in the gym, try and shift your gut and just generally look like you look after yourself.

Grooming is also a useful addition to your rock star look.

In this article though, we’re gonna focus on your attire. So…

Heres our guide to dressing like you’re a rock and roll heavy hitter.

Simple monochrome colours

As a general style rule, your average rock and roll fashion icon is gonna be dressed in a black leather jacket, white t-shirt and black jeans.

If you wanna carry that rock star look, this is basic. And I don’t mean basic in a bad way, this is a look you’ll need to master.

Stock up on clean white t-shirts (you will need multiple, and make sure they’re quality cotton, with no logo).

Switch it up with a few plain black tees too.

The black leather jacket

You need a leather jacket if you wanna dress like a rock star

While we’re tackling the basics, a black leather jacket is an absolute must when adding to your rock star wardrobe.

The black leather jacket is one of those staple items that can go with anything, is hard wearing and just looks fresh as fuck with pretty much any outfit.

A good example is G-Eazy, who rocks a leather jacket in that unmistakably cool rock and roll star style.

Find one that suits you, and matches your outfits.

Keep footwear simple

When pairing your rock and roll style with footwear, your best bet is to go for a simple set up.

  • Fresh white sneakers – as plain as possible, such as Vans, Nike or Adidas
  • Simple black shoes such trainers

Look for either simple sneakers or cool leather shoes online.

Wear a hat

Rock stars love a hat. And if you want to carry off that effortless rock and roll style icon vibe then get yourself a hat. Again, simplicity is key here.

Some rock and roll icons like to rock a fedora, others might look better in a flat cap. You may prefer a snapback/baseball cap, or maybe even a trilby. Again, it’s gonna depend on your style – but a hat is a solid style addition if you’re looking to rock the cool musician vibe.


Are there specific brands you should wear if you want to dress like a rockstar? Truthfully, not really.

But instead of brand, you should be aiming for quality. You want to look like you’re wearing the finest gear, as quality shows from a mile off.

And when it comes to dressing the part, you don’t want to let your look down with a cheap jacket.

Having said that… Retro and vintage styling is VERY MUCH a good option. You can find some incredibly stylish pieces at knock down prices if you’re prepared to shop at thrift stores/charity shops and vintage stores.

So don’t worry too much about the brand name, but look at whether the items are built to last.


You can’t carry off that rock and roll star look without a cool pair of classic shades in your pocket. Your actual style will vary as the best sunglasses and specs will depend on the shape of your head and other factors.

Check out our guide to choosing sunglasses here.

As a general rule, a pair of aviators or Ray Bans are going to be a good choice whatever your look.

The flannel shirt

A flannel shirt is a good addition if you want to dress like a rock star

One last item for your rock star wardrobe is the flannel shirt. This can be worn with your jacket and t-shirt combo, and is the ideal addition to your late night lounging look.

Go with a check short, or simple pattern for the best look.

Keep it simple

The aim of the game when it comes to dressing like a rock star is understated.

Crazy colours, bold logos and crazy bling is… Well, it’s more EDM star than rock star, and that’s a look for a whole other article….

Look at people like Keith Richards, Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys, Josh Homme or Dave Grohl as classic examples of stylish men who know how to rock.

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