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5 G-Eazy Style Wears For That Ice Cold Retro Look

When it comes to getting a retro look, G-Eazy is the guy who outcompetes almost everyone. His style is simple, elegant, and impactful. 

You may not know this but wearing and carrying G-Eazy’s style is an art. To keep yourself on the right path, let’s have a look at these 5 G-Eazy styles to get a desirable retro outfit. 

Wear the G-Eazy Varsity Jacket

The Varsity Jacket is also called a letterman jacket which is a perfect substitute for a bomber jacket. These have been a cult favorite for quite some time now, and it’s a look which adds a unique 50s inspired aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a unique retro look, a Varsity jacket will be an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

  • Basic look: Go with a G-Eazy Varsity jacket with a slim fit denim
  • Get monochromatic: Grab a plain black Varsity jacket and pair it with white trousers
  • Pastel tone: Put up a pastel tone varsity jacket and a contrasting color trousers
  • The perfect G-Eazy style: Take plain black tee, blue/grey denim, and top this classy combination off with a red varsity jacket

Get Some G-Eazy Style Ripped Jeans!

In the last decade, ripped jeans have been in and out of trends. Right now, ripped jeans are a solid wardrobe addition and can be worn for casual daywear or as part of your nightlife attire. Now you must be wondering – what should you wear it with? Don’t worry, here are some ideas that will give you the total G-Eazy vibe!

  • Ripped jeans & leather jacket: The most ancient and orthodox combination is that of ripped jeans and a plain leather jacket. If you wanna pull this off, you need contrast – not just in color but style as well. So if you go for skinny ripped jeans, put up a loose leather jacket.
  • Wear ripped jeans with a shirt: Who said funky ripped jeans couldn’t go with a formal business shirt? Make sure to club your ripped jeans with an oxford button-down shirt for your next business meeting. We’re sure just the looks would be enough to make a jaw-dropping moment. 
  • Classic G-Eazy Style: If you’re a hardcore fan of G-Eazy like me and love dressing retro – don’t forget to wear a  plain white tee, a casual party shirt, and ripped jeans with white shoes.  

Go on a Picnic with G-Eazy’s Style Beach Outfit

Planning a beach trip with your crew? From the beach to the lake or a day by the pool, go for the effortlessly comfortable and sexy outfit like G-Eazy.  

As you can see here, G-Eazy is flexing on a half sleeve shirt and shorts of the same colour. You can close the shirt buttons or keep them open to show your abs. By the way, do you have any? It’s your call 😉 

G-Eazy Style Striped T-Shirt for Sunny Days

Striped t-shirts have been in fashion since way back. In fact, these were the first of the handful trends that actors, rappers, and singers started creating and following. They were a success back then. So, if you want that retro feel all over again, put on a striped t-shirt for a simple and sexy look.

Pair a multicolored striped casual shirt with dark-colored trousers. To make it look even better, match the color of your shoes with the trousers. The look would definitely melt any woman’s heart way faster than the sun melts ice cubes on a sunny day!

Get the G-Eazy Style Black Leather Jacket

Black leather jackets are man’s best friend. Whatever the occasion, you can just put on a black jacket. If you’ve been following G-Eazy,  you must be aware of the fact that he mostly wears a black jacket on his shows. 

More importantly, when G-Eazy’s album Beautiful & Damned came out, he showed up in a black jacket many times. 

  • Keep it casual: Sometimes, simple things are more impactful. So wearing a white t-shirt, blue or black denim, and a black jacket will create a lasting impact in everyone’s head.
  • Mix it up with a dark shirt: If you need a proper party style outfit with a black jacket on, this one’s great. Wear a dark-colored (preferably beige) shirt, skinny black jeans, and your epic black jacket.
  • Do it G-Eazy Style: The ultimate way to look cool is by doin’ it G-Eazy style! Wear a black tee, grey slim fit jeans, formal black shoes, and top it off with your black leather jacket. Now, that’s the look girls love 🙂 

Being confident like G-Eazy would take years of practice but looking retro like him, nah! That would just take less than 15 minutes. Here’s a cheat, pick some simple clothes that mostly look black and you’re good to go! 

In case you don’t mind switching from retro to total G-Eazy, have some classy rings and watches in your wardrobe. 

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