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The Playboy’s Guide to Minimalism

Whether you choose to follow trends or set your own, embracing a simple minimalist mindset can springboard your Playboy lifestyle. I’ve seen lifestyle choices come and go over the years and Minimalism is one of those. But, embracing this type of lifestyle can actually lead to a more rewarding existence. Everyday choices with how you spend your money will lead to being a Global Playboy.

By practising these simple minimalist lifestyle guidelines, I have more money and free time to do what I truly want. To travel, have new experiences, and spoil my partner.

The Hunger Game

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

I know we all have to eat every day. So when it comes to our daily meals this is where a lot of money can disappear. Sure, going out for avocado toast, nightly drinks, and celebration dinners are fun. But all of these will set you back from achieving your Playboy vision.

Instead of picking out an overpriced dish off a menu, learn to cook it at home. Do a little shopping at the local grocery store. Then ask your friends to join in and bring some drinks. You can impress everyone with the cooking skills you’ve been practicing. Being a great cook will lead you to sophistication and class.

I practice cooking instead of waiting to be served. I’ve been saving so much money by eating in, that I’m already planning my next beach vacation. So now, I’m putting extra money aside to do more activities while on the trip. Like enjoying some of the more indulgent local experiences, restaurants and events.

Staying Focused

Being a minimalist requires mental focus. Every day, ads bombard me with stuff to buy that I don’t need. Just a bunch of products to help me achieve social acceptance. And even worse is reading mixed reviews from people about their recent purchase. A lot of material items are overpriced. Then they only provide a temporary fix to a fleeting desire. Ask yourself- “is it really worth the money?” and “do I need this?”. Spontaneous purchases can lead to buyer’s remorse and an empty wallet.

Slow down young Playboy, there are better ways to spend your time and money. Before buying new, compare used items. Lots of people are reselling new things because they didn’t get enough use out of it. Slightly used is just as good as new, whether its clothes, furniture, or jewelry. This clarity will allow you to be viewed as a genuine Playboy.

Image by Andrian Valeanu from Pixabay

Something Borrowed, Something New

There are so many things that I bought for a one time use. Then I realized my space was cluttered and felt claustrophobic. So I got rid of everything that I hardly used. And by staying focused I haven’t regressed to needless purchases.

There are certain things I require occasionally. So when I’m in the need of something, I call up a friend and see if I can borrow theirs. I know enough people, that between them, they probably have what I require. Afterward, I return it in the same condition. The chance to see someone opens me up to new conversations. With more time to socialize, being a Playboy feels a lot more empowering.

I’m happier knowing I only ”NEED” so much stuff. The majority of my good memories come from experiences and personal connections. By having limited stuff in my life, I’m less distracted. So now I’m not wasting time shopping. Knowing that I’m saving money to spend on what I want is what makes me feel rich.

Looking the Part

Spending less money doesn’t mean you have to look poor. Style comes from within and when you declare yourself a Minimalist, others will be curious. My peers see me as well dressed gentleman. They don’t know I’m wearing used clothes. Also, I get comments on my handsome haircut. To those people, I say thank you. My barber does a much better, and cheaper cut, then the salon.

Also, I’d rather own my unique style instead of letting it own me. Now, I have more confidence because I’m not waited down with debt. I carry my Minimalist beliefs wherever I go. To look like a Global Playboy you have to embrace innovation.

Feeling the Change

Every time I’ve moved into a new place the first few weeks were the best. I unpack all the necessities for day to day life. It wasn’t until months later, when everything was unpacked, that I realized how much crap I held onto. Feeling more like a hoarder than a Playboy.

Then I released myself from being chained to so much stuff. Pictures were taken of old shirts that I never wore anymore. I gave away some things to friends and donated a lot to charities in need. So after practicing this minimalist mindset of ‘less is more’, I regained my true self. Deep down there was a Playboy who wanted to feel less attached to the material world.

Day after day, Minimalism is a choice. It can be hard sometimes to think within this little box. The world around us wants us to consume more and more. Granted, if you work hard, you should spend your money however you want. But don’t squander all that hard earned cash. You just might need some coin for a rainy day.

Image by Philipp Stegmann from Pixabay

The Future is Mine

Believe me, that the minimalist mindset isn’t for everyone. To truly understand our wants and needs and where these thoughts come from is a daily exercise. I have to remind myself what the true goal is. And that’s to continue being a Minimalist Playboy. I may not have all the money in the world, but now I’m in charge of my spending habits. Great friends surround me and I have more opportunity to try new things.

Minimalism helps me stay focused on traveling more and creating priceless memories. I’m finding more time to refine my cooking skills. Also, I’m checking out library books to read and learn more. With less material distractions, I’m emotionally available for my partner’s desires. And every day there is a feeling that I’m the boss of my life.

I’m not going to look back on life and remember all the stuff that I surrounded myself with. Instead, I will think back to how proud I was to do what I want when I wanted. Being a Minimalist doesn’t mean you’re compromising a Playboy Lifestyle. In fact, you are taking ownership of what it means to be a Minimalist Playboy.

Dennis Hoerauf is a diverse Freelance Writer and Minimalist Traveler.  You can catch up on more of his adventures at

Do you have any simple minimalist lifestyle guidelines of your own? Share your tips with us in the comments below, and don’t forget to share on social if you found these tips useful.

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