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How To Always Look Your Best When Travelling

Being an international playboy can make even the most dapper of us look a bit shabby. Follow our simple style tips to look your best when travelling.

Stepping off a plane or boat in a foreign country, you don’t want to look like you’ve slept in your clothes. In all honesty, half the time you probably have, especially if you’re arriving long haul.

There are a few ways to avoid looking less playboy and more played out.

Choose A Good Shirt

A well ironed shirt is the ideal, but lets be realistic. If you’re on a ten hour flight the last thing that will stand up to this is a standard shirt. How to look smart on arrival?

A good polo shirt.

Some people don’t like polo shirts for whatever reason, but as a sturdy garment they don’t crease easily and they look fine if you throw a light jacket or jumper over them. Just make sure the collars are ironed straight!

A good thick cotton short sleeved shirt will also work wonders.  If you absolutely must wear a long sleeve business shirt, use a good non-iron variety.

If you’re carrying a suit carrier then it often helps to have a complete change of shirt in your bag. Ironed of course!

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Wet Wipes Are Your Friend

No one smells or looks too good after a long flight.

Whether its the pressurized cabin or the whole rigmarole of going through customs twice, everyone looks greasy when they step off a flight.

Just before you come in for landing, or better still just after disembarking, pop to the gents and give your pits and face a wipe over with a wet wipe (a separate one for each of course!).

And of course apply some deodorant and a good cologne to smell fresh as a daisy.

Don’t think this is a substitute for not freshening up back at your hotel!

Stay Hydrated

You’ve probably heard this a million times but that’s because it’s 100% true. Staying hydrated on a flight, even a short one, will help you avoid looking like a shrivelled zombie.

Drink plenty of water before you board, avoid alcohol and caffeine (moderation if you must) and drink as much water and juices as possible.

Beauty Sleep

Getting lots of rest is also key to not looking like you’ve escaped from kidnappers. Sleep well before you fly and snooze or sleep on the plane if you can.

Try to avoid using medication to knock you out as you’ll look terrible when you wake up. You can get herbal pills with ingredients like valerian, chamomile and lavender. OK, they don’t knock you out like valium, but they ‘aid’ real sleep which is better than drugs.

Most airlines will give you a complimentary pack with ear plugs and an eye patch at least.

Sleep is under-rated. And you’ll be on your A-game if you’re rested.

TOP TIP: If you’re crossing several time zones, try and sleep in your target destination before you leave. Preparing 48 hours before will help but at the very least, the sleep before you flight should be in your destinations time.

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Take Off Your Shoes

Your feet swell up in the pressurized cabin of a plane. Take your shoes off before take off to avoid being all sweaty and swollen.

For long haul flights grab a pair of flight socks to lower the chances of DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

Get Some Exercise

If you’re staying hydrated you should be getting up to go to the toilet several times during the flight. Make the most of this time to do some simple stretches and exercises.

Not only does this help avoid things like DVT but it will help your general blood circulation and help you feel better when you land.

You don’t have to run up and down the aisles (yeah, don’t do that) but some simple standing stretches, yoga and movement will make all the difference.

Brush Your Teeth

It’s no good looking fresh if your breath isn’t. Chances are if you’ve been on a plane for a few hours, your breath is gonna be slightly funky. A quick brush is better than nothing, even a thirty second scrub up will make the difference.

Do you have any suggestions for looking your best on arrival? Feel free to share them below… 

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