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A Quick Guide To Packing For a Camping Trip

A whopping 40 million Americans take camping trips each year, and they know it takes more than just a sleeping bag and bottle of water to go camping. 

You’re not ready to go camping until you’ve read this article and know what’s essential when packing for a camping trip.

1. Bring Solar Power With You

While you may be trying to go off-grid, it’s always a good idea to bring your phone with you and a way to charge it. If the worst happens and you end up needing help, you don’t want to be stuck with a dead phone. You should also bring along a solar-powered lantern so you’re not stuck in the dark trying to find your bathroom.

You can still unplug and unwind while being safe with electronics.

2. Portable Gazebo

There is nothing worse than going camping and being stuck in your sleeping tent for the entire night because it’s raining. You may not think you have enough room to pack it, but a portable gazebo is essential for any camping trip.

Some gazebos have a built-in tent on them, as well as a bug and mosquito net to keep you comfortable the whole time. Learn more about which gazebo is right for you before you go on your next camping trip.

3. Sleeping Bag

A camping list isn’t complete without a sleeping bag. These are great for keeping you warm at night without having to pack a lot of extra blankets. If you’re keeping your camping list small, a nice sleeping bag can even replace your pillow.

4. Extra Change of Clothes

When you’re camping, pretty much anything can happen. You can spill and stain your clothes or rip them on a branch. You don’t want a hole in your pants to be the moment you realized you should have packed more clothes.

A good rule of thumb is to pack one extra outfit on top of what you need.

5. Hammock

If you don’t like sleeping on the ground or are camping somewhere with snakes, a portable hammock is a must-have. All you need are two trees near each other, and you’re ready to sleep for as many nights as you’re there.

When picking trees for this, make sure to pick ones that are alive and have new growth on them, so you don’t accidentally pull a tree out.

6. Filtered Water Bottle

The last but probably most important camping trip essential is a filtered water bottle. This way, you can drink any water you find and don’t have to lug around cases of clean water.

Don’t forget this when planning a camping trip, and make sure your friends have one too.

Packing for a Camping Trip? Now You Know

Now that you know the essentials when packing for a camping trip, it’s time to plan your getaway! Whether it’s with some friends, or by yourself, there’s nothing better than getting fresh air and going out to see nature.

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