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A Single Protein Could Be the Key to Treating Hydrocephalus

A Single Protein Could Be the Key to Treating Hydrocephalus

The term “hydrocephalus” refers to “water on the brain.” The water in Hydrocephalus is cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which is collected because of a lack of balance between the amount formed and the amount the body can absorb. CSF generally circulates continuously through cavities of the brain. Also, it absorbs shock and delivers essential nutrients. Then it is absorbed into the circulation. The natural flow of CSF is disrupted by Hydrocephalus, resulting in a buildup that exerts pressure on the brain.

Congenital (existent before birth) or acquired Hydrocephalus (developing after birth). People fall into two groups: communicators and non-communicators. In communicating hydrocephalus, CSF impedes after entering the brain’s ventricles.

The Key to Treating Hydrocephalus

NKCC1 (Na+/K+/2Cl- cotransporter) is the name of the protein. NKCC1 produces cerebrospinal fluid by moving ions across choroid plexus cell membranes while simultaneously transferring water via a mechanism built into this one-of-a-kind protein. It can open up several pathways to treatment. 

What Are Some Of The Causes Of Hydrocephalus?

“Hydrocephalus occurs in around two people in every 1,000.” Although the reasons are not fully known, problems in the genes or issues during development could cause it. Also, it causes problems and symptoms that endure far into adulthood. On the other hand, Acquired Hydrocephalus can form from a head injury, an infection, a brain tumour, or a brain haemorrhage.

Hydrocephalus Surgery In India

Hydrocephalus surgery in India is well-known for its doctors and their skill and knowledge in this field. Also, they work with a team of other physicians and nurses to provide complete care in some of the best hospitals in India for neurosurgery. Thus they give effective hydrocephalus surgery in India to their patients and provide the best Hydrocephalus care available. 

Students of hydrocephalus surgery in India are highly competent and trained experts with degrees from top national and international institutions. They provide the best clinical therapies, including medicinal and surgical intervention, to every patient, depending on their diagnosis. These surgeons are well-versed in cutting-edge technology and the most modern procedures in the treatment of Hydrocephalus.

Vp Shunt Surgery In India

Vp shunt surgery in India is commonly used to treat Hydrocephalus, which is due to an excess of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain (CSF). They drain excess cerebrospinal fluid from the skull cavity because extra fluid raises the pressure inside the cranium, causing brain tissue damage. The shunt aids in the drainage of excess fluid and maintaining normal pressure inside the cerebral cavity. A drain or tube tunnelled into the body drains excess fluid into the chest or abdominal cavity.

The cost of vp shunt surgery in India

India is a popular destination for overseas patients seeking high-quality medical care at a reasonable cost. “VP shunt surgery in India cost starts at US dollars. However, this is with good resources.”

Even after considering travel and housing expenses, the cost of brain shunt surgery in India is significantly lower than in other rich nations.

The Patient’s Use Of Shunts

They use an endoscope to breach the third ventricle, allowing fluid to leave the barrier and move freely over the brain’s surface, reabsorbing as it should.

Shunts turn out to be effective in a variety of conditions. However, “research shows that ETV can be successful with a rate of 65-70 percent in situations where the shunt fails”. It is a one-time procedure, whereas shunts may need to be amended, and it may be preferable in cases where there is an obstruction, such as a tumour. Furthermore, it keeps all CSF inside the brain and spinal cord instead of sending it to other parts of the body.

It depends on age, health, past surgery, and other factors. Shunt systems are the most prevalent and well-documented. However, in some circumstances (such as obstructive Hydrocephalus), ETV may be a preferable alternative. 

Neurosurgery in India

The numbers regarding neurosurgery in India can be astonishing. India has around “1800 experts for its entire population. Only 25 are women among them”. The maximum intake in the best hospitals in India for neurosurgery is “190 for students of neurosurgery in India. Only 59 of the 330 approved medical institutions have neurosurgery departments certified for neurosurgery in India.” 

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Best Hospitals in India for Neurosurgery

Some of the best hospitals in India for neurosurgery are as under: 

  • Malhotra Neuro Centre.
  • Jain Hospital.
  • Bangalore Neuro Centre.
  • Premier Neuro Clinic.
  • Brain & Spine Clinic.
  • Sattvik Spine Foundation.
  • Neuro Clinic.
  • Shree Jagannath Clinic.


While medical science can treat Hydrocephalus, one must consult the best surgeons in this regard. Many surgeons have extra or sub-specialities in the subject of Hydrocephalus, allowing them to give precise treatment for the patient’s condition. Experienced surgeons are trailblazers who are actively involved in developing innovative therapies and strive to enhance societal healthcare. 

Certain medications, such as acetazolamide and furosemide, appear to reduce CSF levels by acting on the choroid plexus, the intraventricular tissue that produces this fluid. However, the discovery of NKCC1 changes the way experts understand the human brain. Although there are challenges, it opens a world of possibilities.

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