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The Best Cities, Towns And Places To Invest In Art

If you’ve got a few spare pennies kicking around, one of the best ways to invest is in art.

Property prices fluctuate, stocks and shares are volatile, but investing in art is one of the most surefire ways of securing money.

We might not all be at Saatchi or Guggenheim levels when it comes to art collections, but if you have a passing interest in aesthetic media you can get started. Don’t worry if you’re not a millionaire (yet) you’ll find plenty of places to indulge your artistic interests.

These are some of the best places to invest in art and some of the best ways to spot up and coming artists.


Shoreditch in London – pic: Tom Steiner

Heading to London to find the best new artists is not a surprise to anyone. There are myriad art galleries, creative spaces and showcases for up and coming artists all across town from Hackney and Shoreditch to Peckham and New Cross.

Traditionally the hot spots for artists were in the small galleries around the Royal Academy. Burlington Gardens, Saville Row and Cork Street are all packed full of independent galleries showing off the latest in modern art, all of which has a price label.

However, generally speaking, if they are exhibiting here they’ve probably made it; and this will be reflected in the prices. Not to say you won’t find the next big thing in the art world… You probably will. You’ll just need to pay for it.

But, there are plenty more places to find art in London.

The Affordable Art Fair, as the name suggests, is packed full of art at reasonable prices. It normally takes place in Battersea early in the summer but there are other fairs across the country and the world.

Student Exhibitions showcase some exceptional choice for art. Goldsmiths in South London is one of the best known for young artists and designers. Chelsea College of Art also has a great reputation for producing extremely high quality artists.

If you’re looking for more established names then there are various galleries across the East End of London where you can grab an original by someone who kinda has a big name in the game. Nelly Duff is one of the best known. There is also Espacio Gallery, Raven Row Gallery, Hundred Years Gallery and Pure Evil Gallery.

St Ives, Cornwall

St Ives in Cornwall, UK- pic: Diego Torres

Staying in the UK, St Ives in Cornwall is a haven for artists with it’s narrow winding streets packed full of independent art galleries.

The town boasts a branch of the Tate, such is it’s artistic pedigree, and if you want to find anything from landscape to portrait to abstract – you’ll find it here. Barbara Hepworth is the darling of the town, although she is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to local talent.

If you’re looking to invest in art, you’ll be well placed if you spend some time in St Ives.


Art is everywhere in Berlin – pic: ContemporaryArts

The German capital has always been cutting edge; Music, fashion, theatre and art have a rich history in this fun loving and cultural city. For the savvy art investor, this means you can pick up some great work by up and coming artists at bargain prices.

There is (was) an Affordable Art Fair in Berlin (although as of 2017 it is being relocated).

Most of the cutting edge art galleries are in East Berlin, often housed in old industrial buildings. Places like Open Walls Gallery, Urban Spree, the KW Institute or Sprueth Magers.

There’s always something going on in the Berlin art world, so keep an eye on the scene if you want to invest.

Brooklyn, New York

Street art in Brooklyn – pic: Teetasse

Most big cities in the USA have a pretty cutting edge art scene. LA, San Francisco, New Orleans… Even places like Austin or Houston have pretty vibrant local arts scenes.

But the cutting edge hip spot for up and coming artists has to be Brooklyn. OK, it’s no longer the cheap hang out alternative to Manhattan, but it is still home to lots of out there and edgy artists.

The galleries to watch include Clearing, The Living Gallery and Transmitter.


Lagos street art – pic: Ian Cochrane

Africa’s most populous country has a solid reputation locally as a hotspot for art. But Lagos is becoming more a force on the global scene too…

The city has a growing roster of artists and galleries and is a savvy destination for anyone looking to invest in some truly cutting edge art.

Places like Omenka Gallery, Rele Gallery and Red Door Gallery are just the tip of the iceberg in Nigeria’s art city.


Artist at work in Melbourne – pic: Pen_Ash

Australia’s artiest city is alive with street art pretty much all over town. You’ll spy amazing graffiti, installations, sculptures and even performances, especially in cool neighbourhoods like Fitzroy/Carlton and St Kilda.

Melbourne is a fantastic place to get browsing with art galleries such as FortyFiveDownstairs, Gertrude Contemporary and No Vacancy Gallery. There are tons of smaller galleries and exhibitions across the city so if you’re looking to invest in art then definitely head to Melbourne.


Bogota street art – pic: Robin Javier

The capital of Colombia is fast establishing itself as the go to place for contemporary art in South America. There’s street art around lots of corners and if you’re looking for affordable, then this is definitely the place.

Check out galleries such as Bojanini Gallery, Neebex Galeria, SKETCH gallery and Galeria SGR.

Any tips for those looking to invest in art? Got any good suggestions for cool arty cities packed full of talented artists?? We’re all ears… Comments below!

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