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69 Flirty & Sexy Questions To Ask A Girl (For First Dates or More…)

You don’t wanna be that guy who is a boring first date, right? Asking her about her job…? Bro, you need to up your game. So to help you Global Playboy that date (or even to spice it up with that new girl you’re seeing), we’ve pulled together some of the best sexy, flirty and slightly edgy questions to ask a girl.

Now… Disclaimer: We don’t know your girl or your style, so approach with caution.

But here’s the thing. We all love to get dirty and flirty right? And if she’s not down for some fun, why are you putting in the effort? Am I right?

These questions are guidance, for example if you’re trying to approach a girl in the street, or on dating apps. Some of these are even great dirty questions to ask your girlfriend!

We’re breaking these questions down by ice breakers, straight up scene setters and direct dirty questions. Are you ready?

So if you wanna raise the temperature, take note of these dirty flirty questions to ask a girl.

Ice breakers

Resist the urge to ask her about her job (fuckkkk saaakkkkke man, do you even care?). Instead, go for some of these super flirty questions.

When it comes to the moment, perhaps chatting in a bar, try to be relaxed and fun in the way you approach these questions. The aim of any interaction, especially in the ice breaking stage, is to make her relax and get her mind in the right space.

1. Whats the most attractive trait in a man?

2. Whats the weirdest/most random thing that makes you think of sex?

3. No (alcohol/cake/pizza etc) or no sex for the rest of your life – which one?

4. Whats a (chat up) line that has actually worked on you before?

5. Do you have an outfit that always gets you more attention?

6. Did you dress like this for me?

7. Do you think the guy should always make the first move?

8. Do you prefer kissing or cuddling?

9. Do you have any secret talents?

10. Do you have any secret tattoos or piercings?

11. When was your first kiss?

12. What was your first thought about me?

13. If we were to go on a date, where would you take me?

14. How do you get your adrenalin kick?

15. What’s the best thing about you?

16. Sex or food?

Hopefully some of these have got your mind working with how you can break the ice with some flirty and sexy questions.

If she gets defensive, offended or generally takes a negative stance, this might be your cue to either bring it back to something safe (job, yaawwnnn) or make your excuses.

Generally speaking though, most people like a bit of flirting. In fact flirting is good for our mental health… True story!

Using flirty languages and sexy questions for girls can be very effective

The set up

OK, the date is going well. She’s laughing at your jokes, there’s eye contact and you’re running out of anecdotes. It’s time to up your game and start to open her mind to the potential that you guys are gonna make out.

Thinking of sexy questions to ask a girl in the heat of the moment is actually not as tricky as you might think. At this point, you should be able to tell if you’ve made some sort of connection.

But these questions should help you get to the next level…

17. Do you prefer coffee or tea in the morning? Just so I know…

18. What are you thinking now?

19. If I kissed you now, what would you do?

20. Have you ever made the first move on a guy?

21. Do you really not know how cute you are?

22. Would you ever go skinny dipping/run naked in public?

23. If I was going to get a tattoo of your name, where should I put it?

24. Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?

25. Do you like kissing?

26. Where do you like to be touched most?

27. What makes you go weak at the knees?

28. What gives you butterflies?

Seal the deal

Maybe you’ve kissed, maybe you just want to make it clear that you want her to come back to yours. So at this point, you wanna be asking some pretty direct questions.

When it comes to seal the deal with a girl, you need to take your sexy questions up a notch.

29. Do you want to come back to mine?

30. What’s your favourite position?

31. What is your biggest turn on in bed?

32. If we shower together, who gets their back washed first?

33. Have you ever made out/had sex in a public place?

34. Where is the craziest place you’ve had sex?

35. What’s your sexiest item of lingerie?

36. Are you a lights on, or lights off girl?

37. Do you like dirty talk?

38. What’s your craziest/sexiest fantasy?

39. Your place or mine? (It’s a classic, but it works!)

Keep the fire burning

Asking sexy and flirty questions to a girl isn’t all about that first night. Sometimes you wanna keep the fires burning and keep her coming back for more. So, in those circumstances, keep the fires in those loins burning with some of these intensely sexy questions.

Take note – these are for when you have already fucked and it’s clear you’ll probably do it again. For the love of all that is holy, do not use these on a first date.

40. If we were in bed right now, what would you like me to do to you?

41. When you masturbate, what do you think of?

42. If I bought you lingerie, would you model it for me?

43. If I buy you lingerie, what would make you feel most sexy?

44. Have you ever had a one night stand? (If you’re the jealous type, probably best to avoid this one)

45. What’s the sluttiest thing you’ve ever done?

46. What sexy thing would you love to do but can’t bring yourself to?

47. When can we see each other again?

48. How many times a day do you think of sex?

49. What is something you’d like to try in bed but haven’t yet?

50. What is something you love to do in bed but have never asked for? (example, she might love oral but never actually ask for it… Ask and you might be surprised)

Keeping sexy thoughts in her mind is all part of asking sexy questions

Flirty and sexy questions for all occasions

You don’t have to be fucking a girl to ask her a flirty and fun question. Some of these can be great to build rapport with girls such as friends or even co-workers (in the right context).

51. What makes you laugh the most?

52. What do you like most about yourself?

53. Would you say you’re more sexy or more brainy?

54. What’s the sexiest thing for a man to wear?

55. What’s the sexiest thing a man can do?

56. Do you prefer a man’s natural scent, or a cologne/perfume?

57. Do you have a crush on someone?

58. Who is your guilty celebrity crush?

59. What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?

Sexy questions to ask if you can handle the truth….

Not every guy wants to hear the answer to these questions. But if you wanna build a rapport with a girl, and you can handle the answers, why no ask these very sexy questions….

60. How many guys/girls have you been with?

61. Have you ever had a threesome/orgy?

62. Do you have any sexy toys that you use regularly?

63. What’s the sexiest video/picture ever taken of you?

64. Have you ever been caught having sex?

65. Have you ever had sex in a public place?

66. What kind of porn are you into? (yes, girls watch porn too)

67. Have you ever had same-sex sex?

68. Have you ever fucked someone you just met?

69. Do you enjoy anal/oral – or insert other sex acts here (if you think she’s that type)*

(*true story, I once met a girl who wore a bracelet that said ‘I love anal’. That obviously promoted some interesting conversation and I’m sure you can guess how that evening ended;) )

And there you have it… Some of the sexiest and flirtiest questions you can ask a girl. I’ll admit, I haven’t tried all of them. But there are plenty in here that I have with solid results.

Some last minute tips for any guy trying to sweet talk a girl.

  • Avoid being sleazy – build up to the sex talk before you go in deep (excuse the pun)
  • Make it fun and put her at ease. Be jokey and even use some teasing to get her to relax with you
  • You don’t have to be Alpha-Male, but you should be confident. Smile, maintain eye contact, don’t be afraid of silences and try to relax…

If you’ve enjoyed these useful flirty tips, check out more of our relationship and lifestyle advice.

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