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The Best Countries For Your Investment Right Now

Are you looking to invest your money in a business but think an emerging economy would be best? There are lots of countries crying out for foreign investment.

If, like most of the planet, you’re not a Russian Oligarch then you might have the feeling that foreign investments are beyond you. In fact, you can invest in businesses around the world and make a decent income and maybe even fund that elusive retirement or rat race escape.

Many countries are crying out for investment, often in tourism, infrastructure or technology. If you have a few grand of your own to invest, of course you can always start with a beach bar or AirBnB hotel. These smaller investments are not to be sniffed at and can be a great way to cut your teeth if you’re no investment expert yet.

But where is good to go for your money? These are the top foreign investment hotspots as of 2018.


Not a resort in sight! -pic: Jared Poledna

West Africa is without a doubt one of the world’s biggest emerging economies. Nigeria may scare some off, but Ghana is a relatively safe bet. A stable government, reasonable standard of living and beautiful landscape mean that investing in Ghana is a wise move at this point. With economic growth around 7% a year, the best options for investing in Ghana include:

  • Tourism, especially hotels and resorts.
  • Manufacturing and industrial.
  • Infrastructure such as telecoms or waste disposal.
  • Financial sector including capital investments.

Considering that Africa is the world’s fastest growing economic area, Ghana is one of the best places to start if you’re thinking of getting into this market.

Issues with corruption can make investment tricky, but with research and some insider help you can be ahead of the game in no time. Take a look at Ghana’s Ministry of Trade and Industry for more information.


With a well publicised demand for tech entrepreneurs, Portugal is still calling out for solid investments. In fact, with the Brexit vote in the UK, many Brits are eyeing up the country as a place to base new businesses with a view to accessing the EU in future.

For those looking to invest in the country, the best industries are:

  • Financial services, including investment funds.
  • Modern media such as web development or technical innovations.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Tourism (saturated sector but always options for buying businesses such as bars/hotels etc).
  • Property.

Portugal also offers a ‘Golden Visa’, a fast track citizenship option for those investing over €250,000 in the economy. Something to bear in mind for anyone looking to access the Eurozone in future.


Another Eurozone country where the economy welcomes outside investment. What Ireland lacks in climate it more than makes up for with it’s hospitality. With Brexit causing headaches in London and the UK, many businesses are using this opportunity to set up in English speaking Ireland. What this means is big money is moving in.

For the smaller investor, this is a good time to put money into sectors such as:

  • Real estate and property (outside of Dublin there are still plenty of bargains to be had).
  • Catering and hospitality.
  • Tourism.
  • Technical industries.

The Irish economy has been growing by between 7-10% since the crash of 2008, and the forecast at the moment is good.

The Philippines

Pic: ronniereymanjares

The brutal antics of the slightly nutty president Duterte might put some off, but for those brave enough this is a solid place to invest. The Philippines is one of Asia’s fastest growing economies (away from established powers like Thailand and Vietnam or the big players like China and Japan) and is only forecast to grow more.

A popular spot for tourism, the country can offer relative stability (despite the crazy president), low taxes and a business friendly environment.

Invest in:

  • Tourism, such as hotels, resorts or restaurants/bars.
  • Tech development. Filipinos are well educated and tech savvy.
  • Manufacturing and industry.


Staying in Asia, Cambodia hasn’t reached the powerhouse status of Thailand or Vietnam yet, but it’s a matter of time. With annual growth of around 7% and a lax approach to foreign investment, getting a foot in Cambodia now could pay dividends very soon.

Investing in the hot tourism sector is probably the most popular option currently, with hotels and bars a safe bet. But for those looking for bigger money investments, real estate and capital investments in local enterprise are the way to go right now.


You might not think it, but Ethiopia is one of the best bets globally for your financial investment. The economy is stable and has a relatively low corruption index, it’s a growing player in the tourism sector and has annual economic growth around 10%. The government are keen to push the country as an attractive destination for outside investment and the Chinese have listened. That means that you should take notice too.

If you’re looking at putting some of your money into a manufacturing enterprise then Ethiopia could be a solid option. Major industries include:

  • Industrial manufacturing.
  • Tourism and tourist services.
  • Logistics and infrastructure.
  • Food production and exports.
  • Capital investment in local business.

The country is friendly to outside investment and one of Africa’s most accessible countries. Check out the EIC for more information.


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