Database Tools For Joomla Websites

How to use Joomla for your database tools

Joomla is one of the top popular content management system, featuring many advanced options for effective e-commerce website building and management. There are lots of extensions and database tools for Joomla, making it highly customisable.

Created in 2005, Joomla has grown exponentially over the last decade to become a top choice in CMS. Now, Joomla boasts of more than 63 million active downloads and ranks seconds to WordPress as the most used CMS platform.

Using Joomla enables the effective development of social networking sites too. There are thousands of themes and plug-ins on Joomla now, making it easier to build any kind of website that can resonate with your brand’s values. It is much easier and timesaving to install Joomla, and it does not require any advanced technical knowledge or skills to customize.

One major reason why Joomla is so popular is its extensibility. As the business grows, your database also grows correspondingly. Being an enterprise web development platform, Joomla is highly scalable, but you need to have some technical skills to extend your database borders. However, this is now easier with the advanced database management tools for Joomla, which can help extend your Joomla database capabilities.

Whether you are a programmer or not, it is essential to have a basic idea about the database tools, extending the Joomla functionality. Here are some of the top choices in Joomla database tools.

Database tools for Joomla


This tool is considered to be one of the quickest database management tools for Joomla. MijoSQL is very lightweight and easy to use. It is just a 60KB file to download and implement. It is also very convenient because there is no need to access the phpMyAdmin here to operate by executing the SQL queries.

MijoSQL is also compatible with various latest Joomla updates and can ideally be used to create, edit, display, and delete information on enterprise databases. It can also effectively execute the SQL queries and can save the queries to be executed latterly. MijoSQL is capable of executing multiple queries simultaneously and can replace the table prefix etc. There is a multi-language user interface that makes it easy for people from different continents to understand the information. For more tools and support for remote database administration, you can rely on the remote DBMS services from RemoteDBA.

DB Tweaks

DB Tweaks is a wonderful tool if you need to load large data from the MySQL databases. As Joomla websites tend to grow, you may have to consider the bigger impact it will have on the performance. DB Tweaks is also very easy to use, which can help the users get rid of any errors like 1104 on the MySQL DB. It is so easy to install and operate.

Akeeba Backup

This till was previously known as the JoomlaPack, which, without a doubt, is one of the most popular and largely reviewed components of Joomla. Akeeba is a backup extension for Joomla, which can back up your entire website and allow easy and instant restoration on any Joomla enabled server. Getting better day by day, Akeeba is an open-source tool that creates a full back up as a single archive. The archive will ideally contain a restoration script and the snapshot of all database files. Using Akeeba backup, the users are reassured with server timeouts as it is AJAX powered. It is an award-winning Joomla backup that helps many enterprise users avoid costly and complicated server timeouts.

DB Replacer

Being another most popular tool for Joomla, DB Replacer makes it easier to search for data and replace it on a table where you can also conduct a case-sensitive search. Using DB replacer, you can replace an item without seconds instead of the traditional modes of sorting and replacing data. You can also get an instant preview on what will be replaced and avoid the site’s breakage for any updates.

It is also very easy to configure the database and run it effectively with DB Replacer. With its functional capabilities, DB Replacer is counted as one of the most powerful tools In Joomla DB administration. With top-notch technical support and efficient performance upgrades, DB Replacer also has clean documentation for the users to refer to.

VJ Database tool

If you are searching for a comprehensive tool for Joomla website database management, then VJ is an apt choice to make. It is an all-in-one DBMS solution, which is highly rated on various platforms. VJ offers multiple database support for Oracle, MySQL, and MS SQL, etc. among others. It features a multi-lingual user interface, which is ideal for the database managers too to work remotely.

VJ Database Tool will let the users manage the Joomla database more effectively. All the fields and database tables can be accessed through a unique administration panel. You can also easily connect the database server remote by using a password and a username. This is also a very easy tool that will let you change the names and comments of a table, auto increment, and also do the engine collation. You can also easily list the data in tables, sort information, and do much more with VJ.

Simple Adminer

It is added quickly to the Joomla admin section, and the log-in is made easy with the use of Joomla configuration. Simple Adminer is compatible with Joomla 3.0 version too and comes with solid customer support. Adminer is easy to install and configure, and there is fair documentation, which poses no challenges to users. In just one click, you can now effectively edit your database and make the tasks easier for the database admins.

Art Adminer

Like Simpler Adminer, Art Adminer is yet another comprehensive database tool for Joomla, which is very lightweight and fast. This smart tool is found to be a perfect alternative to the phpMyAdmin and can control all activities from the user-friendly admin panel. Better yet, you can also connect your database server to it using a unique username and password.

There are many choices in terms of styles, and Art Adminer works perfectly with various databases and records. Whether you plan to build a new database or to work on the existing one to upgrade it, Art Admnier can make all these possible with ease. You can also list the fields, indexes, foreign keys and add or drop columns and tables using this tool. The users can also enjoy excellent customer support from the provider.

All these tools and more come in handy in terms of Joomla database administration, and you can choose the most appropriate ones based on your unique needs in hand.

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