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Do Digital Nomads Need Travel Insurance?

Travel as a digital nomad means you'll need special insurance

Being a digital nomad, the entire world is your workplace. Just pack your laptop and you’re on the go! 

If only this could be so simple… 

After all, making long to-do lists, packing stuff, accommodations, and several other things takes a lot of time. 

And then, there comes travel insurance. Most of us don’t even know whether it’s good to have one or not. 

Well no worries, that’s what we’re going to know. 

Why Do Digital Nomads Need Travel Insurance? 

No matter which country you’re heading to, there’s nothing worse than not having a safety net when you go through these 3 things: 

  1. An accident
  2. Serious sickness 
  3. Falling victim to theft or crime 

Oftentimes, people take travel insurance as a replacement for their local health care plan. 

Don’t make the same mistake. 

Not all countries would sponsor your medical bills and having this in mind saves you from a lot of last-minute trouble. 

In fact, some travel insurance providers also offer hospital and physician referrals to the country you’re moving to. 

Since the digital nomad economy is booming, insurance providers are leveling up their game by providing extensive plans for your travel needs.

Travel insurance is not just about your health security, some insurance providers also cover personal belongings so that you don’t have to worry. 

Digital nomad insurance is important if you're travelling

What Protection Do You Get Under Travel Insurance as a Digital Nomad?

Most travel insurance packages for digital nomads cover the following aspects:

  • Trip cancellation and delays
  • Non Medical emergency transportation
  • Emergency healthcare and rescue expenses
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Baggage delay and loss
  • Rental car damage 

These are the fundamental aspects that should be covered by any travel insurance. 

However, it would be great to always check with your travel insurance provider and read the fine print before committing to any package. 

What’s Not Included In Travel Insurance? 

It’s important to note things that are commonly not covered by your travel insurance. This may vary according to your insurance provider. 

Some of these could be: 

  • Unattended personal belongings 
  • Electronic malfunctions 
  • Failing to report theft 

Things To Consider As A Digital Nomad When Choosing Your Health Insurance

Annual Limit 

Is your travel insurance sufficient for covering your entire duration of stay? Take note of the maximum coverage that your provider is willing to provide.

Age Limit

Most travel insurance packages don’t have an age limit per se. But as a digital nomad, due diligence on our part should be our second nature.

Evacuation Coverage 

You never know when a national or local emergency might occur. So before signing up, have a talk with your insurance provider regarding evacuation coverages. 

Out-of-pocket Costs 

Know the maximum amount you’ll ever be expected to pay upfront for any treatment. 

Popular Travel Insurance Plans For Digital Nomads

Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance tops the US News list for 10 Best Travel Insurance Companies. 

It’s owned by Allianz SE, which is the largest diversified insurance company in the world. 

It collaborates with thousands of travel agencies, airlines, and credit card companies to provide exceptional customer service and travel insurance packages. 

Pros of Allianz Travel Insurance

  • A range of 10 plans for all types of travelers
  • 24 hour hotline 
  • Rental car damage protection with 24-hour emergency assistance

Con of  Allianz Travel Insurance

  • Coverage availability varies by state

Travelex Insurance Services

Travelex is known for its reliable and quick service. The sign up process is straightforward as well. 

It offers two plans: 

  1. Basic protection
  2. Premium coverage. 

Both packages provide coverage for lost or stolen luggage. 

It also provides customizable upgrades that get you extra medical and sports coverage.

Pros of Travelex Insurance Services 

  • 24 hours expedited passport service 
  • Rent and drive in 150+ countries with exclusive international driving permit

Cons of Travelex Insurance Services 

  • Sparse information available on the Baggage Claims process
  • Travel Basic plan doesn’t consist of adventure sport and additional medical coverage 

Take a look at Travelex Travel Insurance here.

World Nomads Travel Insurance

World Nomads covers an extensive range of 200+ adventure activities, including scuba diving, motorbiking, skydiving, and snowboarding.

Pros of World Nomads Travel Insurance

  • 24-hour multi-lingual assistance team
  • Insurance for tech gear and sports equipment
  • Covers a wide range of adventure activities 

Cons of World Nomads Travel Insurance

  • Restricted cancellation options
  • Coverage varies by country, state, and province

The Bottom Line 

Travel needs of digital nomads are not as same as average travelers, so take the time to educate yourself more about travel insurance and compare packages. 

And while evaluating insurance options, review the customer service well enough because quick help in emergencies is a must.

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