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Fashion for Sneakerheads: 5 Trending Fashion Statements With Air Jordan’s

It’s no secret that sneakerhead culture is thriving. The invention of social media has allowed designers and consumers to be on top of every fashion trend possible. This type of access has snowballed into an entire lifestyle.

One of the most prominent qualities of sneakerheads is their ability to match their kicks to just about any outfit. With that said, there’s a couple of rules you should follow to keep the shoes as the centerpiece. This article will break down the 5 trending fashion statements with Air Jordan’s.

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1. Colorful Hoodies

One of the reasons people are so dedicated to Jordans is because of their unique design and vibrant colors. You don’t want to wear anything that competes with your shoes’ attention too much, but it can also help to coordinate colors. For example, if you have a favorite pair of red shoes in your sneaker collection, find a hoodie that’s the same color.

Instead of being a distraction, it’ll help create a clean look that brings out the red in your shoes.

2. Slim Jeans

The simple silhouette of slim jeans is a match made in heaven with the flashy Jordans. Not only do they balance the chunky versions, but they also complement the more modern slim styles as well. The subtlety allows plenty of freedom on top as well, so you can rock an oversized shirt or slim-fit tee with confidence.

3. Bring Out the Blazer

If you’re looking for a business casual look, the blazer is where it’s at. It may seem counterintuitive to mix street fashion with a more professional wardrobe staple, but sneaker fashion is all about reinventing the wheel.

Look for shoes that are more subtle, and put on your favorite blazer for a look that is sure to make your coworkers jealous.

4.No Shame in Sweatpants

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s athleisure. This trend is booming right now. It’s not difficult to take a walk down a busy street and see people in comfortable sports bras and bicycle shorts.

When it comes to sneakerhead fashion, it’s as simple as pairing your shoes with a matching sweatpants set. This is comfortable, cool, and classic.

5. Oversized Dresses

There’s plenty of women who appreciate some good Air Jordan’s or Nike shoes. This article wouldn’t be complete without giving them some fashion advice as well. More and more women are embracing the quirky side of style by incorporating sneakers with oversized dresses.

It’s an interesting look that will become trendier as people discover the effortlessly cool aspect of it. Men, if you have a special girl in your life that shares your love of sneakers, find them a nice minimalist dress to pair them with.

Regardless of who the shoes are for, you can find all of your sneakerhead needs at

Trending Fashion Statements for Sneakerheads

Fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression. People can learn a lot about you by the jewelry you wear or the type of shoes you have on. For sneakerheads, this is an entire lifestyle that is worth the time and money commitment.

Even the most fashionable sneakerheads need inspiration when it comes to fashion, and this article has you covered. Remember that there’s no harm in testing out various wardrobe pieces before you get to the right outfit.

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