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How to Care for Your Newly Tinted Car Windows

It took you a long time to find a car window tinting expert in Sydney that you liked, and you finally got that awesome tinted look on your car windows. So, why are you now still acting like there’s nothing left to do? Getting your windows tinted is a great move and provides many benefits, but so many people ignore the critical steps that come after the window tinting.

Here are some of the best available tips on how to properly care for newly tinted car windows.

Tip 1: Leave the Windows Rolled Up

When window tinting film is applied right by experts who know what they’re, the car and your passengers will start benefiting from that film immediately. However, the film is applied using a special adhesive layer that takes time to cure. In fact, it can take quite a long time, as long as 4 days in some cases. The speed of curing isn’t really an indicator of quality, but rather just a reality of many window tinting products currently available.

The typical time you should leave the rear windows firmly closed is between 2 and 4 days, but ask your window tinting expert who applied them about the curing time for the specific product they used. They know the specific product they are using, and should be able to advise on that.

Tip 2: Don’t Squeegee Out Water Pockets

At the outset, this one sounds ridiculous and completely counterintuitive, but hear us out. Of course you don’t want to see water pockets of any size forming on the film after it’s been installed and you’ve paid the applicator. The first instinct of some on waking up to find water droplets visible, or that the film has become hazy, is to pick up the phone and make an angry call to the applicator to complain.

Actually, the film becoming a little hazy, or a few water droplets gathering together shortly after application is absolutely normal. The fact is that even the best applicators can’t get every single tiny droplet of water with their squeegee when applying. The most important thing is that you don’t attack the film with a squeegee yourself. The good news is that the film is porous, so just sit tight and let the water evaporate by itself, which it will. Only go back to the applicator if there’s water droplets visible there after at least a month.

Tip 3: Miss the Car Wash for a Couple of Days

The 2-4 day window that we mentioned in the first tip should also apply to you washing the windows. The best idea is to get the car washed and detailed right before you go and get the window tinting done. This way, it can likely go for at least a week or more without needing to be washed again.

Tip 4: Clean Gently with Microfiber Cloths

Once that window has passed, you can then put the windows back into the cleaning routine. Remember that the window tinting is applied to the inside of glass, so you don’t need to be so aggressive with your cleaning since it won’t be typically exposed to harsh outdoor contaminants like bird droppings (unless the window is open at the wrong time).

Use a microfiber cloth and just wipe the windows clean very gently. You can be a little more robust if you’re cleaning off kids’ fingerprints or the imprints of dog noses as they stare out of the rear windows, but whatever the case, steer clear of any cleaning products that contain ammonia.

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