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How to Maintain Cooperative Work While Travelling

how to work while travelling

Remember the time when you were able to completely switch off and enjoy your vacation to the fullest? The time when your employer, employees, colleagues, clients, and customers were not able to reach you? If you can, then you belong to a one really lucky group of people who is able to disconnect from work and enjoy your vacation.

However, when it comes to the rest of us, those days are long gone. Now, even while you are on your vacation, you still need to find some ‘free time’ for working and for catching up.

But, it is not the end of the world, especially as we live in the age of technology and maintaining cooperative work while traveling is possible. You can connect to the people you are working with at any time of the day if necessary. The key is proper organization. Do you want to know more? If yes, keep on reading.

Make Work-Related Plans Before Your Trip

Maintaining cooperative work while traveling is possible, but it is not always easy. As previously mentioned, in order to make it work, proper organization is the key. But, how does one organize him/herself and other people working on the same project? By creating a detailed plan!

Check all the meetings, events and conference calls you will have to attend and make a robust plan for them too. Make sure you plan your trip around the most important ones. Or, make sure that you are in your hotel room with a laptop ready when work has to be done.

Moreover, in order to avoid losing unnecessary time searching for accommodation and transportation, book everything in advance! That is the key to being a successful remote worker.

Organize your trip in advance and you will be able to maintain your cooperative work while traveling.

Pack Your Tools

This one is self-explanatory! But, it will not hurt to mention it again. If you want to travel and work at the same time, you need to have your tools by your side. And, when we say tools, we do not mean your mobile phone. Yes, mobile phones can help you out in conducting a conference call or writing an e-mail. However, if you need to write a report, or do some research, mobile phones will not be of great help. Especially when you consider how long their batteries last.

So, you know what to do when you decide to hit the road – pack your tools. Pack everything you need to get the job done – laptop, chargers, headset, etc. It would also be a good idea to invest in items like a car charger or a spare battery. Those things really come in handy, especially if you travel often or take longer trips.

However, if you forget to bring some of your tools to your trip, do not worry. Shipping your belongings anywhere in the world is more than possible. And, buying a thing you forgot is also possible. Thus, if you notice that something is missing, head out and buy it or arrange for it to be shipped immediately, do not wait for the last minute.

Work in Advance

Your deadlines will not disappear from the company when you do. Be sure that they will be calling your name. So, if you know that some big project is approaching and that your wi-fi will be weak, or that something might happen and distract you from working, do yourself a favor and finish as much as you can before you go.

Plan ahead. Finish a project or two before you go. This can be your safety net in case you get stuck in the traffic, or you lose connection, for example. Just remember – the more you do in advance the less time you will have to spend working while on your vacation. Let that be your motivation and one of the tips for traveling workers you will always follow.

Always push yourself to finish as much as you can before you hit the road.

 Schedule and Plan Calls

Most people who want to try working and traveling for the first time, avoid scheduling their calls. That is a big mistake, especially with cooperative work. Why? Because the people you work with must be able to reach you. You probably think that that is going to be easy as Wi-Fi is everywhere. Again, wrong!

If you get stuck at the airport, be sure that those will be either crazy expensive or completely unavailable. The same applies to hotel rooms and their services too.

Thus, make an effort to get your own internet as soon as you arrive in a new state/continent. And, when you do, schedule your calls around your traveling plan.

Schedule your calls and conferences on time, and be sure that you are available at that time.

Stay Updated With the Latest News

If you usually take longer trips and are away from the office for several months, you must make sure you stay up to date. If you do not, catching up afterward will be difficult, maybe even impossible. Thus, make an effort to stay updated with the latest news.

You can do that by subscribing to news and trend alerts of your company. Or, talk with your colleagues daily, or at least weekly if possible. Be persistent. Letting loose and forgetting abut work is easy while on a vacation, but it may cost you your job.

By staying up to date, you will show everybody from your company that you have your finger on the pulse, and that you can be successful and productive in any part of the world.

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