How To Plan An Amazing Foodie Road Trip In America’s East Coast

The US is the third most visited nation globally, with around 79.3 million foreign arrivals per year, and four to five million of them comes from the UK. One of the main reasons why people visit the US is its food. The country is a melting pot of culture and cuisine and offers delicious dishes to impress even the pickiest eater. If you and your mates are planning to visit the US, you may want to see these alternative American travel destinations and sample their famous cuisine. Better yet, plan a foodie road trip on America’s East Coast by following these tips. 

Drive a Large Vehicle for More Comfort and Convenience

Your choice of vehicle to drive on your foodie road trip will be a crucial element for an enjoyable adventure. If you are planning on a road trip to sample the best dishes of America, you may want to drive a larger vehicle so that you’ll have a better and more comfortable time on the road. An SUV will give you and your gang enough legroom during your trip. Likewise, driving an RV will make your adventure cheaper since you will no longer have to pay for accommodations, and it can give you more flexibility on your holiday. Whatever vehicle you choose for your foodie drive, make sure to check its condition thoroughly. It should have a good working engine and a well-maintained radiator to prevent your vehicle from overheating, especially on long drives. Next, you should map out a foodie road trip that will take you from Maine to North Carolina. 

Portland, Maine

Start your foodie road trip by going to Portland, Maine, which is famous for lobsters, crabs, and other fresh seafood. There are over 220 restaurants to choose from in the city, but most tourists visiting the area will recommend tasting the city’s signature lobster dish at The White Barn Inn. However, get ready to spend a considerable chunk out of your holiday budget since Maine lobsters cost an average of $60 – $90 per pound. 

New York City

After Maine, drive south to New York City to explore one of the most visited cities across the globe. New York’s extensive immigrant history has made it a culinary melting pot of the most delicious meals the East Coast has to offer. You can sample these great dishes at Gansevoort Market, located within the city’s Meatpacking District. Likewise, if you want to know what the fuss is all about New York- style pizzas, you can taste one at Lombardi’s located at 32 Spring St., New York. 

North Carolina

 If you and your buddies love pork, then drive further south until you reach North Carolina, a state known for barbecues. North Carolina has two styles of barbecue that you can try; one type uses a thin and tangy vinegar-pepper sauce, while the other uses a thicker, sweeter tomato-based sauce. Head over to Lexington Barbecue, located at 100 Smokehouse Lane, Lexington, North Carolina, to taste both barbecue versions. 

The above mouth-watering food destinations will give you and your group about 827.2 miles of road and 14 hours of driving along I-95 S. However, it is best to make more stops along the way since most cities you’ll pass through will also have culinary dishes that they are best known for. 

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