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How to Remodel Your Bachelor Pad to be Comfortable and Alluring

Straightforward Moves

First things first: sexiness has a coy quality that’s almost subtle, and hammering the point home diminishes the sexiness. There should be style and grace about a sensual bachelor pad design. If you’ve got some heart-shaped bed that rolls out from the wall at the press of a button, it may show you’ve got assets, but it may also show you “assume the sale”.

Ladies don’t like to think you just naturally assume they’ll be interested in you. Granted, there’s something to be said for confidence, but you don’t want to come on too strong. Think of it like cologne. A little is good. Bathing in it is not a good idea. You’ve got to find a balance. Here we’ll approach that balance, please consider these seven tips.

1. Black Lights

This is very simple and can be downright sensuous. You rig up some “black lights” throughout your “pad”. If you’re really savvy about it, you’ll blend those lights in so they’re not immediately evident. Also, you’ll want an interior design conducive to black lights. That is to say: when you turn off the regular lights, colors in décor catch the black light and look cool.

If you can rig your black lights up to a switch, where one flick changes the whole “flavor” of a room, that’s ideal. It can be quite alluring, especially if you’re putting together some sort of group get-together including a dance party.

2. Wall or Ceiling Projectors

Like a black light, a wall or ceiling projector can do much to impart an alluring, festive atmosphere. You can have the projector aim wherever is most convenient, and while you might use it for films or music videos, you could also use it to project a tranquil image of the sea, or an ocean, right on a wall; making that whole part of the room seem altogether different in an exotic way.

3. Designer Bathroom Soap

When you’ve got ladies in your bachelor pad for a long period of time, they’re going to have to use the bathroom. If they don’t find any soap there, they’re going to think you’re less than sanitary. So get some designer soap—find what “manly” options there are, but have them visible around any sinks where somebody might wash their hands.

4. A Fine Remodeled Kitchen

When your kitchen looks modern, that’s going to communicate wealth and style, which are two qualities quite alluring to the fairer sex. If you haven’t already, it might be worthwhile for you to remodel your kitchen.

There are all sorts of ways this can be done. You can do a total remodel, or just “part it out” as you would an engine. One month you do counters, another you do cabinets, another you do floors, another you do appliances, etc.

5. Hard Flooring With Throw Rugs

Hardwood floors or tile with a specific design scheme also communicate style and affluence; plus they clean up a lot easier in a pinch, meaning you can keep your bachelor pad looking cleaner easier. Put down some super-soft rugs for additional style points and comfort. Ladies like soft floors, but they don’t like messes. Hard floors and throw rugs allow both.

6. Plants Galore: Ladies Love Plants

Vines along the corners of a room, ficus plants, succulents, bonsai trees, certain flowers—all can be very invigorating. They make your pad feel fresh and smell good, and clean the air. They feel fertile, and that’s a subconsciously evocative concept. In a word: plants are definitely alluring. Here are some additional suggestions to explore.

7. Some Sort Of Fluffy Resident – Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, Etc.

A rottweiler is alluring if you take care of the animal and actually have a place for the pup in your heart. But you don’t have to go all out like that. You could get an Italian greyhound, which is basically a miniature greyhound. You might get a ferret, or a raccoon, or a parrot, or a cat.


If you can swing it, big cats are very alluring; but they’re also temperamental with strangers, so this might not be the best move. Still, if you can get a bobcat with a good attitude, you’ll have more ladies than you can handle dropping by on varying excuses. Making Your Bachelor Pad alluring As Possible. Furry residents, plants, hard flooring and rugs, a properly remodeled kitchen, designer soap in the bathroom, projectors for the wall or ceiling, and black lights are all simple additions to a bachelor pad that make it alluring. Some of these may or may not work; hopefully, at minimum, they’ve stimulated your imagination.

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