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How to Spend the Winter Holiday Season Alone

For many people, the holiday season brings images of families gathered together enjoying food, exchanging gifts, and just enjoying each other’s company. However, the expectation is often much different than the reality. 

Some people have no family close enough to visit for the holidays, others are recently widowed, and still others may be in the middle of family conflict. Regardless of whether people choose to spend the Christmas holidays alone or just had no other options available to them, feelings of loneliness and isolation are likely to crop up.

Try to Connect with People in Other Ways

Spending Christmas alone does not have to be all negative. People have plenty of options available to them to stay busy and not dwell on feelings of loneliness. For example, they can arrange a video call with friends or family or chat online with people from online communities they belong to. Reaching out to others can be good for the soul, even if it is through electronic means

Look for Volunteer Opportunities Ahead of the Holiday

Churches and non-profit groups are often looking for volunteers willing to help others over the holiday season. Whether it is serving a Thanksgiving meal, delivering toys to needy children, or visiting housebound people with no family of their own, the holidays are an ideal time to give back to the community. 

The best part is that volunteers often gain more from the experience than they give, such as perspective and a deep sense of gratitude.

Get Outside if Weather Permits

Sitting alone in the house on a holiday can make anyone start to feel restless after a while. As long as the weather does not make it dangerous to be outdoors, getting outside can help break things up and give people some much-needed fresh air. 

A winter walk can feel especially invigorating for someone who might have the blues. The walk can also be fun and educational for those who choose to take photos of winter scenes or just explore nature. And you’re likely to see other people out and about too…

Save the Day to Start a New Hobby or Read a Novel

Everyday life often does not afford a lot of time to enjoy the simple things like knitting a blanket. Other alternatives include reading a book, or taking up a new hobby like researching family history. 

For people who are alone this holiday season, the days off work provide the time to complete an enjoyable activity that they have not had the time to partake in until now. By saving the activity until a holiday, it helps build anticipation where a person might have otherwise felt dread because they knew they would be spending the day alone.

Order Take-Out or Dine In

In mainland China, the vast majority of people do not celebrate holidays like Christmas. As a result, many Chinese restaurant owners around the world choose to remain open that day. 

People who decide to eat in have the opportunity to meet several new friends who may be spending the holiday alone also. Patronizing a Chinese restaurant during the holidays can also be a good option for people who do not want to cook a meal for just one person.

The same also applies for many ethnic foods, such as Indian and Thai. Who says you need a turkey dinner for Christmas or Thanksgiving?

With planning and a positive attitude, spending the holidays alone need not be a lonely experience at all. Some people may even find that they prefer it to the normal hustle and bustle of this time of year.

So there you have it. Whether you are planning a solo Christmas or it is a situation you’ve found you in, we hope we’ve helped you to plan how to spend Christmas alone.

Got your own tips for a festive season alone? Share your suggestions in our comments below.

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