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How to Start Your Music Career From Home

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Did you know that musicians and singers get paid an average of more than $31 an hour in the United States? 

Although you can make much more if you go viral, this is still a reasonable pay that can help you follow your dream. 

If you have always wanted to become a musician but thought it was unrealistic, there are a few things you must do. 

Continue reading if you want to learn the basic steps that will help you get your music career started!

Understand Your Intention

One of the first steps in starting your music career is understanding your intentions.

The only way to make money playing music is by having a purpose. When you have a purpose, your music has direction and you can maintain an audience. Think about what your basic intentions are such as if you want to sing, write music, and/or play an instrument. 

Another intention that you need to identify is the way that you want to make people feel. Try to understand your emotions connected with music. Some people want to inspire listeners, while others want to express anger, sadness, or love. 

To work from home, you need to have your intentions set. These will provide you with guidance since you will have to be self-motivated for success. 

Choose Your Genre

Take time to think about the type of music that speaks to your soul. 

Many genres of music exist, making it overwhelming at times to find one to identify with. Listen to different genres and pay attention to the styles and tones that stand out to you. Writing these ideas down will also help give you direction when you have endless opportunities. 

Unique music is important to create, however, try to ensure that you can identify with some sort of genre. This will make it easier to find radio stations that will play your music and an audience that already has an interest. 

Finding your genre can be one of the most exciting and fun parts of the process. Once you find a group to identify with, don’t be afraid to reach out and find mentors. 

Purchase Equipment

You won’t be able to create and produce music if you don’t have the necessary tools and equipment.

After you figure out your genre, it will be easier to determine what instruments and equipment you need. Depending on the instrument(s) you play, you will need to have all of that gear along with more.

Microphones, stands, and pop shields are essential for picking up the right tones and pronunciations. You will also need to invest in speakers to listen to the quality and soundboards to adjust your songs. 

You will need to record audio with external mic, so don’t forget to add these items to your cart.

Another thing you need to consider is a good computer. Many people recommend the MacBook air, it is often used in the music industry. The Macbook Air is portable, has plenty of storage, and has an excellent speaker. 

Write & Play Music

Whether you do this part solo, as a team, or outsource, you will need to get the music established.

If you don’t have a band at this point, you should find one. Even remotely, bands can work together and create stunning performances. Writing the music will take some time and you should get as many originals completed as possible.

The writing will lead to playing music, which will need to be rehearsed. 

Build a Website

To showcase your work, you need to build a website.

Websites are a perfect place to explain to your audience, who you are and what the intentions are with your music. You can post your music videos, songs, and lyrics on the website, along with selling your merch. 

Just make sure that you link your social media accounts to your website to increase traffic. 

Utilize Social Media 

Did you know that TikTok musicians actually make a lot of money, and they can do it overnight?

Social media outlets like TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook are wonderful for sharing your music. Many successful musicians that work from home do so with social media. Once you make your accounts, you need to consistently upload high-quality content and engage with your viewers. 

Much like on your website, you should link these accounts to your website so that people can learn more. 

Play Shows 

There are a few ways to play shows as a musician from home.

As long as you have a place in your home with good acoustics and privacy, you can perform at any time. Most musicians stay active by going live on social media accounts and giving sneak peeks to their upcoming songs. 

You can play live shows on social media as well, and some sites will let you charge for admission. Another way to play your shows is by posting the video on your website. If you aren’t able to play live, work with your band to create a stunning video performance. 

Market Your Name 

No matter how hard you sing your heart out, people won’t know you if they don’t remember your name.

Every time that you post on social media, make sure you are tagging your professional account. This will help people learn who you are at the beginning. Beyond that, you will want to consider investing in social media ads or email marketing campaigns.  

You Can Start Your Music Career Today

Starting a music career from home might have once seemed like a ludicrous statement, however, now it is realistic! 

Once you have mapped out your intentions and know what you want to write about, you can utilize technology to spread your music. As long as you invest in the proper equipment, joining the music industry is possible. 

Online marketing through websites and social media is also needed so that you have a platform to showcase your skills on. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about how to work from home and follow your passions! 

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