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8 Tips to Make Money with Music – Just Like Your Favourite Labels

how can you make money with music?

Most of the artists are busy crafting their art. And maybe, it looks like you’ve pretty much gone through the same issue. 

Well no worries, this article is about turning on the marketer side of your musician. 

Once you go through this, I’m sure you’ll never have to search how to make money with music. More importantly, you won’t even have to sign a deal with any label. 

I know this is too much to say but an independent artist with a good marketing strategy can get more than these labels cut. 

1. Start Coaching What You Already Know 

Being in music can teach you things that novice musicians don’t know. 

Why don’t you lend a hand and charge per hour for your coaching? 

Coaching and management is a good way to make money from music

Wouldn’t that be fun if people shared their FL project with you, asking you to mix something properly or maybe figure out what’s wrong in the mix? 

Also many musicians are actively looking for a mentor to help them get set up, answer their questions and help them build their profile.

If you want to market yourself as a music coach, you’ll need either a good website, or a good eye for someone who needs your help.

Create a basic website using Carrd (only $19 a year and easy to set up), and promote your services on social media.

Once you have a website, you can sell your coaching services from there. 

There are many different websites that offer drag and drop website creation, such as WordPress, Wix and even Google Sites.

2. Sell Merchandise 

To make money with merchandise, you need a good online presence. At least some subscribers on YouTube or Instagram. 

If you’re just starting out and you only have 100 or 200 subscribers, this might not work. 

But if you have like 5K+ subscribers, you might be able to sell a few T-shirts every month. 

The trick is to have a good brand that could also work independently of your music career. A cool logo, a funky image, or bold statement all make great appliques to add to t-shirts, hoodies and other branded items.

3. Sell Tickets for Your Own Concert 

Hosting your own concert is a great way to make money from music, although this can be difficult to manage. And you will obviously need to pay the venue too.

As an up and coming artist, you will also need to build a strong social media presence too to get that buzz.

A clever way to do this is to put on a festival. You can charge more for tickets, but you will also need to get more acts and make sure there are things to do. Don’t be the next Fyre Festival!

Watch this space as we will be interviewing a music festival promoter in the coming weeks….

4. Ad Revenue from Major Music Streaming Sites 

From Spotify to Apple Music – there are a variety of sites that pay you whenever an ad plays before, during, or after your song. 

Usually, their pay rate is like this: 

PlatformPayout Per Stream
Apple Music$0.01
YouTube Music$0.002
Amazon Music$0.04

These figures are just estimations. You might get a bit more or less than this. 

5. Produce A Beat and Sell it on Beatstars or Anywhere You Like

This is for those artists who are into producing beats or who have the setup to create music.

Just like doing your own shows, this method is also one of the best ways to make money as a musician. 

On sites like Beatstars and Airbit, you can sell your beats for $10-$100. 

Most of the people who are into this provide a lease for their beats. 

Lease refers to a contract where the producer can still sell the same beat to others. Other than this, he wants a renewal after a period. Usually, this period lasts a year. 

In some cases, producers even provide a 5 years contract. 

Buying full rights might cost $200-$500 for a single beat. On the other hand, leasing just costs $10-$100. 

This is the main reason why so many people buy a lease. 

6. Mix and Master Others Songs 

I’ve seen that good artists like to mix and master their own songs. They don’t like anyone else to do this for them. 

So if you’re into this, you can charge anywhere between $50-$250 for mixing someone else’s track. 

This is what people are charging on Fiverr: 

You can sell your beats on Fiverr to make money as a musician

These people are selling on Fiverr, that’s why they’re charing below $100. 

If you know how to set up a website and market your services, you can earn more than $75 per song. 

7. Produce music stock sites

Another way to make money from music is to produce music for stock sites. This means your music could be used in advertising jingles, corporate videos or any other situation where people need simple music in the background.

People make very good money producing money for stock music sites. And although it isn’t as ‘sexy’ as making cool, edgy sounds with your bandmates, it’s a faster way to make money with music.

Whatever your style of music, you could make a 15 second jingle, a 2 minute loop, or a simple tune designed for use in a YouTube video.

8. Manage up and coming bands/artists

If you already have experience in music, you might be able to manage the next generation of up and coming stars. Or even manage an act who is need of a manager. You might be surprised who you might find…

This does mean that you’re not making the music, or performing. But, you can make good money in music with promotions.

The trick is to spot an act that needs managing, or to sell your services as a promoter. It helps if you have promoted gigs before, obviously, as there is a lot to bear in mind.

My Advice for You 

No matter what you sell, equip yourself with enough marketing strategies. 

Because if you don’t know how to sell, you can’t make money from any of the methods I’ve just told you.

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