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How to Up Your Party Game with a Yacht Rental

Did you know that Americans spend almost $1,500 every year on planning and hosting parties and events? From weddings and anniversaries to birthdays or college graduations, everyone loves a reason to get together and celebrate with food, drinks, and friends.

One way to take your gathering to the next level is by getting a party yacht rental. Want to know why you need a party yacht? Here are some of the advantages and tips for using a party yacht rental to your advantage.

Wow Your Guests

Renting a party yacht will impress anyone that you invite to your event. Most people consider yachts to be one of the most luxurious forms of transportation, so a party on a boat will no doubt be a head-turner.

Some yacht charters come with high-end catering services as an optional extra. So you can pair a delicious meal or appetizers with the backdrop of a party yacht rental and you will create the ultimate experience for your guests.

If you are thinking about getting a party yacht for rent, you can choose between many different cost tiers depending on your budget and event size. For instance, a family of eight needs a much smaller yacht than a wedding of 200 people.

Go for a Swim

When you are surrounded by water on your party yacht rental, you might be able to enjoy swimming or other water based activities. This often works best when you are in an area that has warmer water naturally, or during the spring and summer.

If you want to encourage swimming, make sure to let your guests know that the event is informal. Some party yachts even come with diving boards, so you can have fun safely jumping into the ocean or lake. Check with your rental company as they will also let you know if there are other optional extras such as snorkels, paddle boards or even jetskis.

Remember, if you have guests go into the water, make sure to take all safety precautions. Do not go into the water if you are somewhere with rough currents. Ensure that all guests have access to life jackets and other types of floatation devices.

Divide Up the Cost

Are you looking for a party yacht rental on a budget? One of the best tips for using a party yacht rental is to split the cost between people so that it is less of a financial blow.

The price tag of a luxury yacht may seem daunting, but can actually be affordable if you have enough guests willing to participate. Make sure to agree on a way to divvy up the cost beforehand and hold all guests accountable for paying. That way, you can enjoy your yacht and not worry about the money side of things.

Consider a Party Yacht Rental for Your Next Event

If you do not know where you will have a future party or event, consider a party yacht rental. With these advantages, your guests will have a great time and you will enjoy the experience of a lifetime with your party yacht.

Want to learn more about traveling and partying in style? Take a look at the Travel section of our blog for all of the information you will need on luxury transportation.

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