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How to Write a Resume as a Recent College Grad

Graduation: Proud Family Admires Diploma

Did you know that close to 4 million college students were expected to graduate from college and start their job search in 2021? Finding a job is a tricky proposition once you become a college grad. Things get even more difficult if you haven’t spent some time learning writing tips and putting together a strong resume.

The format of your resume is important, but you also need to know the right information to include and the best way to convey it. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn some helpful tips that will make finding a job as a college graduate a walk in the park.

Keep reading this article for some helpful formatting and writing tips today!

Focus on the Future

Most college grads don’t have a long or strong work history. If that is the case for your situation then you’re better off using the space on your resume to focus on the future rather than your past.

Try to leave space for a section that focuses on your goals and objectives for your future. This section will show your potential employers that you’re a goal-oriented person that wants to achieve great things now that you’re a college grad. You also shouldn’t be afraid to use a professional resume builder online.

Prioritize References

References go a long way when it comes to finding a job after you graduate. Make sure that you create a strong network of people that will vouch for your character and work ethic. These people could be past employers or they could be college professors that you had during your time in school.

Highlight Your Education

There are certain skills that you’ve learned while in school that will make you a valuable asset to the companies you apply for during your job search. Don’t be afraid to highlight your education and any relevant courses that you took prior to becoming a college graduate.

Include Extracurriculars

Another thing that looks great on your resume as a college grad is extracurriculars. If you played a sport in college then don’t be afraid to mention that in your resume. The same goes for any honor societies that you belong to and any clubs that you were active in while in college.

Choose the Right Format

The right format goes a long way toward helping you find a job that you’ll love. Make sure that you pick a format that doesn’t put an emphasis on past job experience since odds are that you don’t have an extensive working history yet. Instead, choose a format that highlights your skills, references, and your goals for the future.

Transition From College Grad to Working Professional Today

Becoming a college grad is a bit scary, especially once you start that inevitable job search to find your new career. Make sure that you choose a format for your resume that focuses on your skills and goals rather than your job experience. You should also make sure to include any extracurricular activities that you participated in like athletics and honor societies.

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