Insider Tips for Booking Disney Vacation Club Rentals

Insider Tips for Booking Disney Vacation Club Rentals

Are you looking to go on a Disney vacation soon?

Before you pack your bags, you should consider getting accommodation at the Disney resorts. This makes it more enjoyable as the resorts often offer fun amenities — so you don’t always have to depend on the rides and amusements!

If you want to find great deals at Disney properties you want to look into Disney Vacation Club rentals.

Here’s what you need to know.

How Disney Vacation Club Rentals Work

You can visit to see the various offers available from the Disney Vacation Club.

You’ll find discounts on many luxury apartments that you otherwise couldn’t afford in your hometown. You’ll rent these apartments as timeshares and reserve them for the duration of your trip.

With the Disney Vacation Club rentals, you’ll also get to shop by your desired features. For example, you can choose proximity to the nearest Disney park. Or, you can consider amenities such as a swimming pool or clubhouse.

The Point System

When you become a Disney Vacation Club you accumulate points for any purchases related to Disney.

You can then use these points towards getting further discounts at Disney accommodation. For example, if you enter a Disney park make sure you show your Disney Vacation Club ID card. 

This ensures that you receive points for purchasing entrance tickets. When you buy souvenirs from the gift shop, you’ll also earn points with every purchase.

As these points add up, the discounts you’ll receive are incredible! For example, you might get a night in a Disney resort for $80 per night when the usual rate is $400 per night!

Booking Your Space

You want to ensure that you book your space in a Disney vacation as soon as possible. The spots get filled up quickly and prices often increase during holiday seasons.

You want to try to book one week of availability even if you plan on staying for a few days. This gives you ample time to make changes if you need.

If you want more availability, consider going during the spring. This is when there are few holidays and most families aren’t traveling to Disney. The one exception is the spring break season in Florida which usually lasts an entire week.

You’ll also find that the greatest availability is at vacation rentals that are intended for singles and couples. Even if you have a family, you might consider these rentals to save on the overall cost.

If you sign up with Disney Vacation Club, you’ll often get email alerts on when accommodation is available!

Take Advantage of the Disney Club Vacation Rentals

Now that you know the benefits of the Disney Vacation Club rentals, you can sign up for the club.

You’ll get to choose the type of rental you’ll like. You can base your preferences based on features such as amenities and proximity to the parks.

You’ll earn points for every Disney purchase you make. These points help you earn discounts for your rentals. Make sure you also book your space well in advance.

You can find more tips on Disney vacations on our blog!

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