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Luxury Brands That Men Should Wear in 2022

If you are looking to level up your style in 2022 with men’s fashion, you should probably look at luxury brands. However, there are so many out there that it is difficult to know which ones are best. 

Men’s fashion is booming right now, especially after the pandemic. Now is the best time to start looking at new brands to change up your style. We might not need to rely on these luxury brands for our well-being. Nonetheless, these brands fill us with confidence and get everybody’s heads turned. 

Luxury fashion brands are expensive yet highly fashionable. Additionally, you know they are going to be made of great quality. A lot of brands will up their prices simply because of the name. Nonetheless, they have built a reputation for providing the world with good quality clothing. 

Anyways, here are some of the best luxury brands that you can wear in 2022. Pre warning, some of these prices are going to be expensive but they are worth every penny. 


Gucci, an Italian house fashion brand, has been in the luxury fashion market for several years now. They have built a reputation that they very much deserve as well. Everybody has seen the logo for Gucci, whether that be on a bag, a top, a dress or a tracksuit. It is a brand that is worn all around the world. 

The modern style of Gucci is in the style of floral patterns that is a bold but very unique design. There are several fantastic designs for men’s and women’s fashion. They are a brand that you should be wearing if you are willing to pay the big price tag. 

Raf Simmons

This is a brand that you may not have heard of unless you are interested in your luxury clothing. Raf Simmons is one of the biggest luxury designers in the world. He has worked with many brands such as Dior, Calvin Klein and Jil Sander, as well as his brand over the last 25 years. Raf Simmons stands out from the rest, combining pop culture, art and fashion into one singular garment. It is a unique style, that you can spot a mile off. 

Louis Vuitton

When you think of Louis Vuitton, you think of the luxury fashion bags that they design. If you are going on holiday, you can almost guarantee that you are going to see a suitcase or handbag. Their logo is iconic and again, it is common to see. 

However, Louis Vuitton isn’t just luxury bags. They also designed some wonderfully designed menswear as well. Louis Vuitton was one of the first brands that were designed to combine luxury fashion with streetwear. Not to mention that they collaborated with the biggest streetwear brand out there, Supreme. If you like wearing luxury streetwear, Louis Vuitton is that brand that you should consider. 

Tom Ford

Top ford is a man’s go-to brand for dressier occasions. Not only are they experts in designer suits but they are masters of masculine fragrances. It isn’t just smartwear that is something that Tom Ford is an expert at. They are also very capable of designing luxury casual wear as well. 

They are a timeless brand to have in your wardrobe and if it is a brand that you don’t have already then what are you doing? If you ever want to purchase from a clothing brand that will never go out of fashion, this is the brand for you. It can be a blazer, a shirt or a t-shirt. Tom Ford will always supply you with reliable clothing that continues to ooze luxury. 


Now with the best British fashion house, a brand that is often associated with tartan print and has become their trademark. Burberry is one of the most expensive brands for men’s fashion. Nonetheless, it is also one of the best. If you wish to invest in a brand that you are willing to break the bank for, this is the one for you. 

Burberry specialises in trench coats and macs that have been going for years. The brand seemed to have faded out in the 2000s but soon resurrected itself with Ricardo Tisci being the creative director, now the brand is reaching out to the streetwear generation. 

To Conclude

There are many luxury brands that we haven’t mentioned on this list. Calvin Klein, Dior and Ralph Lauren are some of those that are still in fashion. If you want to level up your style without spending too much, we suggest opting for brands such as Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford. However, if you are willing to spend hundreds of pounds on men’s designer clothing, Burberry, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton should be the brands that you go for. 

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