Luxury Camping: 5 Glamping Tips

If you love the outdoors, but you’re not a fan of sleeping uncomfortably or not bathing, then glamping might be the perfect hybrid of the two for you. But what exactly does glamping entail?

Well, in short, it’s a form of glamorous camping. It involves all the wonderful, outdoorsy aspects of camping, combined with modern-day conveniences. You still get to immerse yourself in nature, only in a far more comfortable setting.

Check out this blog for top glamping tips on what to look for at a true glamping site.

Glamping Tips 101: Look for Accommodation with Real Structure

Your first and most important tip when choosing a glamping site is to look for accommodation options that offer a sound structure. You don’t want to be sleeping under a flimsy film of material — this is not glamping.

The structure should also have sturdy flooring that keeps the bottom of your glamping tent clean and dry. Most glamping setups will offer wooden flooring, carpeting, or a nice rug for comfort and cleanliness.

Comfortable Sleep Is Paramount

A big part of the glamping experience is that you get to sleep surrounded by the sounds of nature but in utter comfort. You want to ensure that the glamping unit offers good quality bedding, as well as a real, solid bed. An air mattress is your next best option or a luxurious hammock, kitted out with comfortable bedding and sturdy hammock straps.

However, you shouldn’t be sleeping in a camp cot! Make sure the bedding on offer includes pillows, sheets, a duvet, and blankets.

Climate Control Is a Must-Have

Glamping is all about that comfort level when you’re inside your glamping tent/unit. So, no matter where you choose to go glamping, the unit itself should have the option of climate control — whether that’s a form of heating or an AC unit.

Otherwise, the tent should offer good ventilation and a fan at the very least if located in a warmer climate.

Ambiance is Key

One of the most important aspects when it comes to glamping is the atmosphere or ambiance of your accommodation. This is what really gives a sense of glamor and comfort to the glamping experience. You want to go for a glamping property that has a dreamy, warm, and welcoming feel.

Look for accommodation with different levels of lighting, i.e. lanterns, string lights, etc. As well as plenty of unique, decorative touches that will make the whole experience memorable.

Bathing Facilities Make All the Difference

Finally, one of the main reasons why most people choose to glamp instead of camp is the option for bathing facilities. Port-o-potties and outside latrines just aren’t going to cut it. Glamping includes a real, porcelain toilet that flushes, located in a separate building.

The same goes for bathing facilities. You should have the option of a luxurious bathtub or standing shower with ample hot water! And let’s not forget the ”wow” factor — personal bathrobes and shower shoes to complete the experience.

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These are just a few glamping tips to help you choose the best property that truly separates the glamping and experiences. Bear in mind that you will always pay more when it comes to glamping, so you need to make sure it’s worth every penny!

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