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How To Make The Most Of Your Business Stopover

Travelling for work is one of those things that everyone thinks is much more glamourous than it is. Sure, you get to go to Milan, Paris, Hong Kong etc for a business meeting but really how much of the city do you get to see? Business stopovers are a fact of life for many of you Global Playboys. And how many times do you think to yourself you should have made the most of it?

Having been there and done that, these tips and tricks will help you to make the most of your time after the meeting.

Airport Lounge

This is a no brainer. If you’re off to a business meeting you are gonna want to arrive focused and as relaxed as possible. The business lounge handles a lot of the stress in most airports. OK, this isn’t seeing the city that you’re gonna be in but it sets you up right for arrival.

If you travel regularly it’s worth signing up for a top quality airport lounge pass. PriorityPass is the worlds largest lounge supplier with access to over 1000 lounges across the world.

Quality Hotel

It goes without saying that great digs can make or break a trip. If you have an early flight then try and get somewhere close to the airport, or at least with good accessibility. If you’re around for a few days try and pick a spot with good transport links.

There are many excellent hotel booking sites and I’m sure you have a favourite, but is a winner every time for choice and price.

Private Driver

Not everyone can afford a private driver, but if you can stretch to it for a few days then it can take the strain off any business stopover. Your guy will normally know a good watering hole or a short cut if the traffic is bad. Look up private drivers in your destination city.

For most of us a taxi does fine, but if you really want the top service then these guys are great. I’ve personally had private drivers in India and Vietnam who have been priceless!

Time you flight

If you want to make the most of a trip then make sure you give yourself a good few hours to relax in town. Early arrivals and late departures are the obvious options. Many companies will give you an extra day in town, although on occasion you may need to be creative with your excuses! Checking out the competition, chasing a new lead and scoping out the market have all worked for me in the past. Obviously make sure you then have something to take back to show the boss!

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