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Meme Cryptocurrencies: Life After $DOGE

DOGE is the original meme crypto coin, but what other altcoins are ready to moon?

So you’ve been sucked into Crypto and like many new investors, you’ve gone straight for the the big Doge. And why not? Its fun, it has a a strong cult following and people have been making a lot of money from it. Meme cryptos also make an easy way to understand complicated financial projects.

But if you’re looking to meme cryptocurrencies, the truth is the ship might have sailed for DOGE. Yes, Elon Musk seems to love it and his tweets and comments about it seem to pump the price wildly. And SpaceX have even announced that they’ll take DOGE as payment for trips to the moon (so you really can go to the moon with DOGE).

There are a whole stack of meme cryptos that might be worth your time, especially if you’re looking for those massive 1000% gains.

Be warned that there are ZERO guarantees with crypto and the price can be incredibly volatile. You can lose all of your money just as quick as you quadruple it, so do your research BEFORE you invest in any of these.

That said, these are our Global Playboy top picks of meme cryptocurrency altcoins that might be worth your attention.

Kishu Inu ($KISHU)

Sticking with the canine theme, Kishu has been the new dog on the block that has quickly gained a huge following and corresponding price rise.

It’s tipped for big things and has a very active social media fan base, which bodes well for KISHU’s future. Is this going to give you the 1000% gain? Well, it’s already racked up 3000% in just a few weeks, and it’s not even on any exchanges yet. So you could very well be in early on this rocketing meme crypto coin.

You’ll need to connect to Uniswap and pay the (ridiculously high) ETH gas fees to grab some KISHU, which might put a few people off. But, if you’re looking for a coin that might get you to the moon, check it out.

Check out more about Kishu on their site here.

Australian Safe Shepherd ($ASS)

Mixing dog memes with sexy booty memes, ASS is another coin that has rapidly gained a huge following. Although not quite as metoric as KISHU, ASS has boosted its value by over 630% in just one week (at time of writing).

The trading volume on ASS is just over $40 million at time of writing, compared to KISHU’s $250 million. But that basically means there is a lot of room to grow and some big potential for those multiple zero percentage gains that we’re all looking for.

Another reason to jump on some ASS (apart from being able to make puns like that) is that the gas fees are much cheaper. As a BNB pair, you’ll need to have Binance coin and head to Pancake Swap and pay the reasonable fees.

Read more about ASS Finance here.

Shibu Inu ($SHIB)

Dogs again? Well, yes that does seem to be the recurring theme with the meme dream…. Now, with SHIB, we’ve seen those absurd gains in a month (a 38,000% gain in 30 days!!) and crucially it’s also listed on exchanges included Kucoin, Huobi, FTX and Huobi (among others). So, you can trade SHIB with USDT without having to connect wallets.

Is it going to the moon? Well, sure, why not. All of these meme cryptos have a lot of space to grow and even if you missed that 38k% boom it’s gotta be worth a punt in the long run.

Read about SHIB on their official site here.

Dogelon Mars ($ELON)

Combining dog memes with everyones favourite crypto shilling billionaire, ELON is the meme crypto’s meme crypto. What does that mean? Well, in laymans terms it probably means ‘buy some ELON’.

In two weeks it’s gained over 1000%, and it has a nice big trading volume of $160 million. And with just the ETH trading pairs on Uniswap, there is a lot of scope for growth.

Read more about ELON here.

SafeMars ($SAFEMARS)

If it has the word ‘safe’ and either ‘moon’ or ‘mars’ in the title, it’s a crypto meme dream. We’re all heading to the moon right? These Safe coins are capitalising on people’s hopes for a safe bet, and with SafeMars, it might not actually be a bad punt.

Gaining nearly 3000% in a month, with a nearly 100% gain in the past 24 hours at time of writing, SafeMars is a tempting meme investment. A trading volume of $175 million and a market cap of $542 million mean there is lots of room to grow. Also holders get rewarded with more SafeMars and their site claims that it’s ‘unruggable’, which basically means they’re not going to run off with your money.

As a BNB pair, available on Pancake Swap and JULswap, it’s also got those lower gas fees, which is nice. And not being on an exchange means any listing will push it’s price to, well… Mars…

Read more about SafeMars here.

Bonfire ($BONFIRE)

It’s been shilled to shit on YouTube and Twitter, but is Bonfire actually worth a shot? Or will your investment go up in flames?

Of all of these BONFIRE does have the lowest trading volume, with only $25 million trade at time of writing. It’s also the only one on the list to have seen a drop, with 17% negative at time of wring.

Now, the saying is ‘Buy the dips and HOLD’, so if you fancy the look of Bonfire it does look like a good time to get in. Its always good to do your own research and work out if you like the look of a project before you put any money in.

A good thing about Bonfire is that the dev team are very visible on the website and their social media is very active. So, potentially this coul dbe a moon coin for sure.

Read more about Bonfire here.

Crypto investing

There is a lot going on in the world of crypto right now, and the mem coins do offer insight into this sometimes daunting world. But it’s worth looking at coins that aren’t memes too, as these are the ones that will have long term viability.

Bictoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, VeChain, Cardano and Binance Smart Chain are all worth looking at for the long haul.

Remember to trade carefully and do your own research. Remember that this is not financial advice, merely my opinion.

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