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Nudity NOT OPTIONAL: The 5 Best Nudist Beaches For The Brave

Are you body confident? Do you like to let it ALL hang out? Well… Why not head to a nudist beach?

There’s several good reasons to head to one of these pretty wild nudist beaches.

Reason 1: You’ll meet hot girls who are already naked.

Reason 2: The party gets messy – like, real messy.

Reason 3: You only live once and this might be as close to ancient Rome as you get.

The image of naturists as mostly middle aged and older isn’t completely inaccurate. But, all the resorts below generally appeal to a broad age range. You will find nudists in their 20’s and 30’s, especially in places like Cap d’Agde and Hedonism.

Turning up with a partner is usually a better idea than turning up solo. The reason is that swingers in partnerships are usually welcomed with open arms and single guys may find it harder (excuse the pun) to get into a group.

Basically, even if you’re a single guy, try to turn up with an open minded female friend to improve your chances of really having fun. Nudist doesn’t necessarily mean swinger, but this list of beaches is very much focused on the sex and swinger element.

Want to know more? These nudist camps and beaches are where the wild go, so if you’re ready to get your swing on and show off your hard work in the gym, get ready to play hard. Literally.

Plage Naturiste; Cap d’Agde, France

Naturist resort in Agde, France – pic: Jean Louis Zimmerman

This sprawling complex a few kilometers from Beziers in the south of France is a real eye opener. The village is enclosed and has apartment blocks, a marina, miles of beach, an assortment of restaurants and lots of nightlife.

Add in the mix the open minded people who flock here to shed their clothes for a week of freedom and I think you’ll be very surprised.

By day, sunbathe on the beach, take a boat cruise or sip a cocktail in a beach bar.

By night, the party gets messy with pool parties, foam parties, lots of strip joints (weirdly) and tales of lots of swinging opportunities.

Hedonism Resorts; Negril, Jamaica


These notorious resorts in Jamaica are clothing optional, but they’re really all about the parties. They attract a mostly American crowd and lots of couples, but everyone is welcome.

In fact the whole theme of the hotels is swinging and sex and they’re not shy about it. See the blurb below from their own home page:

When was the last time you…

Went skinny dipping in the ocean. Kissed like you did on your first date. Made passionate love like the first time. Laughed until you cried. Had a drink before noon. Dressed like a rock star. Wore a fetish outfit in public. Danced on top of a piano

So if you want to wear a fetish outfit in public and have a threesome, why not book a ticket to one of the Hedonism resorts. As a swingers beach mecca, they really can’t be beat.


If you like Scandinavian ladies (who doesn’t?) and you’d like to see lots of them naked then you’re in luck. Those Scandis love a nudist beach. Despite the usually cold weather there are lots of places to disrobe – obviously wait until the summer months though.

Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark all have beaches where you can let it all hang out. Even though there isn’t a resort like Hedonism or La Village Naturiste, you can still chill and get friendly with locals.

Caliente Resort; Florida, USA

Caliente, Tampa

Similar to Hedonism but perhaps a little less overt, this resort near Tampa, Florida is where to go on the USA mainland for some swinging and nudity fun.

Although not an entirely nudist resort, there are lots of crazy parties and several annual events including a naked 5k race.

Caliente Resorts is a massive complex with a whole village of permanent residents. If you don’t want to stay on site for a whole week you can pay for a daily membership and come and go. Pardon the expression.

Vera Playa; Almeria, Spain

Europes only all year round nudist resort is situated near Almeria. Vera Playa is mostly dedicated to serious naturists, but there is also a pretty big swinger scene here. As elsewhere, the community is often welcoming to newcomers so if you’re thinking of checking it out get stuck in. You can check details on the forum here.

The location in the sunny south of Spain means it’ll normally be warm enough not to shrivel up.


If you’re ready to embrace a swinging or naturist lifestyle there are lots of glamorous places you can go and hang out.

For more information take a look at these recommendations.

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