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Playboy Casino Tricks To Win Big In Roulette

The drama, the highs, the lows; Roulette is the ultimate playboy casino game.

When you’re on a roll you’re on a roll. But if you want to win big in roulette it pays to get some casino know how to prepare you.

So, if you want to look more high roller than down and out, get your game right with these solid casino tips and tricks.

Practice First

If you’ve never played roulette, the best thing to do is get a free online casino account and practice. You’ll start with free credits which is a good way to understand the game and work out how to do your own tactics, but betting with real money is the way to really get to grips.

When you play with real money, suddenly it is a proper game. Never play with more than you can afford to lose and follow the tactics below to ensure the best chance of making it rain!

Start Simple

The image of the guy rolling in, slapping down a fat wedge of chips and saying put it all on my lucky number 7 then walking out with a gaggle of giggling girls – nah. That doesn’t happen.

The wise gambler starts small. See if it’s a good day at the office with a few smaller bets on colours – black or red, no more than a tenth of your stack. You’ll get the feel for the table and perhaps start to see patterns occurring in numbers or areas.

Resist the urge to go big or go home (yet) as otherwise you’ll be walking back to your hotel sooner than expected.

Clever Spread Betting

The name of the game with roulette is spreading your bet for maximum effect.

Once you’ve worked a few extra chips into your stack, start to spread bet. One chip on two of the three columns (two thirds of the board), or on one third to start if you’re feeling cautious.

pic: Angelo Giordano via Pixabay

To maximise your chance of bringing some chips back in, pop an extra chip or two on the colour of your choice. Hopefully you’ll have spotted a pattern so work with what you see on the table. Lots of odd numbers coming up? Pop a chip or two on ‘odds’. Red seems to come up a lot? Put a few on red then.

Keep An Eye Out For Patterns

No doubt, roulette is a game of chance, like every casino game. But patterns do come up and the eagle eyed gamer can spot them and act on them.

Simple patterns like how often a particular number comes up, or if one colour seems to dominate… This is where a degree of gut instinct and bravery comes in.

Remember though, there is no general rule so even if you spot a pattern there is no guarantee that it’s going to work for you. It is, after all, gambling.

Rule of Sevens (or Fives)

Some gamers play the rule of sevens which means you put down 7 bets every round (or 5 if you’re not so flush). What this means is that you stand a higher chance of getting something back on every spin.

Each round, bet on three numbers, one third of the table and a colour for rule of fives or add an extra number plus an extra third for rule of sevens.

By doing this consistently you stand a chance of making something back every spin. On a few spins you should cash in big enough to support playing the same pattern for a long time.

Remember, numbers pay back 35-1 so it can be wise to pick a few lucky numbers (I’d go 3, 7, 13 and maybe 23 or 0) and stick with them. If you can afford to play them every round hopefully one of them will come in within a few spins and you’ll be up 35 extra smackers.

Every Bet Counts

Don’t think you have to bet every single round. If you’re feeling like your focus is drifting, you’ve had too much to drink or you’re too busy checking out the girl across the table, sit out a couple. Clear your head and come back focused.

Although gambling is a game, the money you’re putting down is real so remember to treat each round with the focus and respect it deserves. This counts from roulette to blackjack to poker…

Drink water (even if you’re drinking booze, stay hydrated and don’t get too drunk), sit out a round every so often and use your brain to bet properly.

pic: MJ Couch via Pixabay

Don’t Chase Your Losses

If you’ve taken a few knocks and you’re looking a bit threadbare, don’t be tempted to throw good money after bad. Sit out a few as mentioned above and watch the table and, if this is the case, the guy who is banking it big. Work out what is working for him and play the simple game again until you’re back in the running.

I like this quote from Roulette Geeks:

…don’t misinterpret courage for bravery. Courage is holding back and betting small while your luck’s down as people round the table clean up. Bravery is going broke chasing the summit in the wrong conditions.

Know When To Walk Away

You’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘The House Always Wins’. This means that over time your chance of walking away with the big bucks diminishes. If you luck out and you’ve doubled, trebled or quadrupled what you’ve walked in with, why not cash out. Winning big in roulette will probably only happen a few times in a session, so know when you’re done.

Knowing when you’re done is biggest playboy move. If you’re down, walk away. If you’re up then take those winnings and head to the bar.

If you want to win big in roulette, head to one of our partners and sign up for a free account to get practicing.

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