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Remote Working UK? The Best Digital Nomad Locations

where is the best place to be a remote worker in the UK?

If there is one thing 2020 has shown us, its that we don’t have to be based in a city to make our money. Remote working is increasingly being seen as the new normal in a lot of roles, especially in the UK.

In fact, the digital sector in the UK is worth £149 billion and is set to grow, with work from home only set to rise.

And with people abandoning cities like London in droves, where can you work from now? After all, if you don’t want to suffer that shitty commute and overpriced rent, there must be more to life?

Well, yes there is. These are our best suggestions for places to be a remote worker in the UK.


Bristol gets all the hype, as it is very much the metropolis of the westcountry. But… If you want to enjoy that small city vibe, walking everywhere but still getting your fix of culture, Bath is awesome.

For places to work, Bath has a multitude of great remote work friendly cafes such as Society Cafe and Colonna and Hunter.

You’ll find plenty of places to enjoy a drink after work, lots of cultural events in the summer and close links to Bristol, London and the rest of the country. It really is the best of both worlds.

The downside? It can be very touristy in the summer months. And, it’s kinda expensive to live in, with rents averaging £1,700 pcm. Owch.


Keeping it urban, the Scottish capital is an absolute gem of a city to live and work in. Edinburgh is one of the most vibrant places in the UK, outside of London, and is home to some of the biggest tech unicorns in the country. It’s packed full of history and culture with places like The Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle, loads of museums and Holyrood Castle.

If you love the great outdoors, you’ve got Arthurs Seat just a stones throw from the city, plus the incredible beauty of the Scottish lowlands and the borders just a short ride away.

It’s not the cheapest place to live in though, with rent being fairly high. If you’re looking for an edgier vibe, and lower rent, try Glasgow which is just down the road. The UK’s second biggest city is a vibrant place to call home and a must visit for party animals.


The county of Devon actually has a couple of good places to call home if you’re looking for a good place to be a remote worker. Exeter is the more culturally vibrant city, with an airport, rail and road links to the UK and affordable rent. Plymouth, a little further down the road, is very cheap to live in and has fantastic access to the sea and the great outdoors of Dartmoor.

If you base yourself in Devon, you’ll be able to visit quaint local pubs, go surfing on some of the UK’s most awesome beaches and enjoy lots of the great outdoors.

Check out news and opinion from Devon with our partner site, The Devon Herald.


Staying in the Westcountry, Cornwall stakes its own claim to being a great place to be a digital nomad in the UK. There is much less of a focus on the urban lifestyle, with a selection of beautiful small towns ready to welcome you. Falmouth, Newquay and Penzance all offer an excellent quality of life, with the sea on the doorstep, good local culture and low rents.


Could Bournemouth be one of the best places to be a digital nomad in the UK?

When you think of the South Coast of the UK, many people imagine Brighton. But Bournemouth is actually the lesser known cousin and a great place to be a digital nomad in the UK. Firstly, the beach is far superior to Brighton, and you’ve also got good rail access to London and the rest of the country.

Rent in Bournemouth is also much lower than Brighton, but there is still a good local cultural scene and lots to do in both summer and winter.


Yorkshire has many lovely cities that could tempt you, but we think Leeds is one of the most appealing. It’s culturally vibrant, big enough to have all the trappings of a modern city that you might need, but small enough that you can be out onto the Yorkshire Dales in no-time.

Leeds is also still a relatively affordable place to live and is well connected by air and rail to the rest of the UK and the world. For digital nomads in the UK, you’ll find lots of places to work from and people to connect with.


Is this one of the friendliest cities in the UK? Well, Scousers (as the locals are called) do have a reputation for being very welcoming and having a great sense of humour. As a place to base yourself as a digital nomad in the UK, Liverpool has a lot going for it.

For starters, the rent is low, with average prices well under £1000 per month for a decent apartment in the city. Cost of living is also good for the UK, and getting around is easy with plentiful public transport.

If it’s culture you’re after, Liverpool is famous for her nightlife. You’ve also got two Premier League football clubs, a branch of the Tate museums and a musical legacy the envy of cities of a similar size.

Liverpool is one of the best cities for remote workers in the UK

South Wales

Both Cardiff and Swansea are great locations in the UK for digital nomads, thanks to their low cost of living and good connections.

Cardiff especially is a fun city with lots to do and easy connections to cities like Bristol, Birmingham and London. Culturally, you’ll find music, arts and sports to enjoy every day of the week – and the city is close enough to the valleys of South Wales that you can enjoy nature with ease.

Swansea too has lots to offer, especially with a lower cost of living. Both cities are also close to the sea, with The Mumbles a great spot for beaching and surfing.

Remote working in the UK

If you’re planning on coming to the UK to work as a digital nomad, you’ll be pleased to find that the infrastrucure makes it pretty easy. There is lots of free wifi in places from coffee shops to public libraries and museums.

Every mid to large city has a good selection of co-working spaces, and more are popping up all the time. Digital nomads in the UK would easily find flexible office space or hot desks for a good price. Outside of London especially, co-working memberships tend to be good value for money. Think around £100-200 per month.

The UK is also a friendly place for start-ups and digital workers, with plenty of people employed in the digital sector. And, thanks to Covid-19, it looks like the remote working sector is only set to grow.

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