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Sustainable Clothing Brands For Men 2020/21

Worried about the environment? Increasingly we’re all becoming aware that our shopping choices have an impact on the planet, and that we need to choose sustainable brands when shopping. But when it comes to sustainable or eco-friendly clothing brands for men, it gets a bit tricky.

We all want to avoid excess chemicals in our clothing production, or slave labour to pick cotton or make our garments. Thankfully, more and more brands are taking notice and offering a look at their sustainability credentials.

Yes, there are quite a few good eco-friendly brands out there. But, not all of them are particularly cool, or stylish. So, if you want to avoid sacrificing your street cool vibes and dress to impress, what are the sustainable clothing brands to watch out for in 2020 into 2021?


Few high street brands seem to be addressing the issue of sustainability, but Adidas are one of the few who do. Although they have been accused of greenwashing, which is when a brand embellishes on their eco-credentials, they do have processes in place to minimise supply chain waste and use fair labour.

That’s not to say they’re perfect, far from it. But if you’re looking for a more eco-friendly clothing brand for men that still has some street cred, Adidas get a thumbs up.

Great for: Sports clothing, footwear, some casual wear

Good on you rating: Good


When it comes to sustainable brands, Patagonia have been leading the way for years. They’re a certified B Corp, one of the founder members in fact. This means that they follow a code of accountability on matters related to the environment, labour, the supply chain and many other factors.

In fact, Patagonia’s founder Yvon Chouinard even says, “(there is a movement to) simplify your life. Purchase less stuff and own only a fee things that are high quality and multifunctional.” This philosophy shows in the quality and durability of Patagonia’s clothing.

Great for: Outdoor sports clothing, casual wear

Good on you rating: Good


Snowboarding brand Burton are another B-Corp offering some very stylish garments for winter sports enthusiasts. Similar to Patagonia, their ethos is that the great outdoors is there to respect and enjoy and our clothing and lifestyle choices should reflect that.

Great for: Winter sports gear, casual wear

Good on you rating: N/A

Picture Organic Clothing

Staying in the great outdoors, this French snowboard brand are brining some Gallic cool to the sustainable clothing scene. Again, they are very much focused on the winter sports side of things. We think they offer some of the best casual styling on this list.

Picture Organic make much of their clothing in Europe and aim to use recycled fibres in as many of their garments as possible.

Great for: Winter wear, casual wear

Good on you rating: Good


If you’re looking for stylish and durable footwear that is also sustainable, Allbirds have been the go to brand for a few years now. They make their shoes from a mixture of wool, bamboo and hemp, all of which are much more eco-friendly than plastic and rubber.

They’re very much focused on the casual and runner end of the market, but if you’re looking for ultra-comfy footwear then definitely look at Allbirds.

Great for: Running shoes, casual sneakers/trainers

Good on you rating: Good


This Swiss shoe brand are hot on the heels of Allbirds (excuse the pun), offering some super stylish wool based shoes. They also offer slippers and boots too. Their entire line is currently made from wool, so they’re not vegan friendly, although they do maintain that their supply chain uses cruelty free merino wool.

They’ve also recently become B-Corp certified and are definitely a good choice for casual footwear.

Great for: Casual footwear, slippers

Good on you rating: N/A


A French brand making eco-friendly and vegan trainers. They produce a line of classic looking sneakers from entirely animal and cruelty free sources, making them the sustainable shoe of choice for plant based lifestyles.

Veja are another B-Corp and feature shoes for adults and kids too.

Great for: Stylish trainers/sneakers. Vegan friendly.

Good on you rating: Good

Marks and Spencer

This British high street stalwart might not be seen as the peak of urban cool. But, if you’re looking for business smart attire that is also eco-friendly, you can do worse than Marks and Sparks (as it’s called). They do an excellent line of suits, shirts, ties and even shoes for gents, as well as more casual wear.

They’re not signed up to B-Corp yet, but they are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and minimising their waste. A safe choice for sustainable menswear.

Great for: Suits, shirts and business attire. Casual basics. Footwear.

Good on you rating: Good

MUD Jeans

Dutch brand MUD are making jeans eco-friendly. They don’t use dyes in many of their garments and they offer to recycled your old pair of jeans. And, interesting concept, you can also lease a pair of jeans from them rather than owning a pair.

Great for: Denim jeans

Good on your rating: Great


Finisterre offer a great sustainable clothing option for men
Image c/o Clothes Make the Man

British surf lifestyle brand Finisterre are another B-Corp producing some stylish threads. If you’re looking for some slightly more mature casual wear, think chunky knit sweaters and stylish jackets, these are probably your ideal brand.

Having been around for a few years, Finisterre has quite a broad product range including accessories. Definitely a nice brand to check out for your go to sustainable clothing needs.

Great for: Casual wear, knitwear, more mature and understated clothing

Good on you rating: Good

What is B-Corp?

You’ll have noticed that B-Corp is referenced a lot in this article. This is a voluntary not-for-profit certification scheme that brands sigh up to measure their sustainability. B-Corp actually helps businesses to understand and identify ways to improve their impact on the planet, from the environment to workers rights and the supply chain.

If you’re looking for sustainable clothing, or any sustainable products, B-Corp is reliable sign.

This article is not sponsored, paid for or requested by any of the brands on this list. It is an entirely independent look at the options for eco-friendly and sustainable clothing for men. Please feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch if you have any feedback.

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